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Sunday, December 18, 2011

right now...

weekly sunday post!

right now i am…
watching:  well i had to pause and pull out the i-pad. i had almost forgotten about this weekly post. i had to pause miracle on 34th street. love it. 
eating:  a frito pie, yum.
drinking:  fresca
wearing: PJ's, thick socks...I'm cold!
avoiding:  MY LAUNDRY! it's time. i'm starting to run out of socks and some undergarments...LOL.
feeling: blessed and loved :)
missing:  my husband. spend too much time with him this weekend, that when he's not around for acouple of hours I miss him dearly.
thankful:  for all my wonderful friends that came to support the paper passion/Blossom open house. I love them!
weather:  again, BI-POLAR; cold, rain,hot, warm, cold....BLAH!
praying: for all those young kids who don't have a family this time of year.
needing:  to stay away from the cupcakes in my kitchen
thinking: is it going to rain again because my car really needs a wash...
loving: LIFE!

and you?  what are you up to?

i know i said no blogging on sundays but if there's time, why not!

Friday, December 16, 2011


i've missed several weeks of insta-friday. the only excuse is that i haven't been taking enough pics with my app. i'm so busy these days, that time to actually stop and snap has become harder. i will try my best to take more pics. i did take a pic this week that represents the spirit of Christmas.
my girls got together the presents i purchased for a foster child up in austin, tx.
i explained to them what we are doing for this young boy who doesn't have a realy family but does have people that care alot, like us. they were so excited and proud of themselves. really, it's the least we can do because we are very blessed and with our blessings we like to help. i hope the young boy enjoys his presents. actually, i know he will. and that my friends is my instagram photo for the week. no other photo could have been better.

i'm getting things prepared for my open-house tomorrow. i am very excited. i actually had some early-birds come and look yesterday and they loved what they saw. YAY :)
above is the info, in case you're interested. i cannot wait for tmrw.

and this weekend, 2 date nights with my love.

feeling very blessed right now.

peace and blessins',

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I'm linking up over with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy. If you're new to my blog, please don't think I do this because I love myself and love to take pics on a daily basis. That is so not the case. If it were really up to me I'd stay in my PJ's and work like that all day. So, I decided to do as Lindsay does and link up to her blog. I do this in an effor tot get me out of my PJ's and robe and put on some comfy clothes, trying to look stylish at the same time. I also list where the clothes are from! Lindsay does it so I'm thinking I should too.

here we go!
work all day!
cardi, gap
tank, NY&Co
Jeans, Old Navy
Slippers, Old Navy
necklace, Silpada

workout gear, although the working out part didn't happen :(
top, Old Navy
tank underneath, Old navy
pants, Gap
tennis, Nike FreeRun

work all day!
the whole outfit, Old navy
shoes, Gianni Binni, Dillards

Yes, I like Old Navy clothes. Can you tell? It's affordable and cute, sometimes.

Thank you for stopping by.
I have several things to get done before I leave the house for some errands.

peace and blessins',

Monday, December 12, 2011

hello monday...

hello to this kinda-nice weather! nice because it only comes once a year and kinda because you can't really do much. we had planned to go fishing but couldn't. instead we stayed in on sunday and watched netflix movies ;)

hello to getting my christmas shopping done this week. next year what i have planned to do is just christmas shop all year, that way im not there last minute! if i see something i like for someone, i'll just get it. no worries :)

hello to the my littles and their last week of school! they are super excited because apparently there is lots of TV viewing to catch up on. they love netflix!

hello to work, work, and more work! not complaining, more like excited.

hello to a dinner date with my hubby and his co-workers this friday night.

hello to stalking the martha stewart cookie app for the perfect cookie recipe for my cookie exchange party. can't wait to bake :)

hello to all of you and i hope you have a great week! thank you for stopping by.

peace and blessins',

Sunday, December 11, 2011

right now

stole this idea from lindsay, who got it from a bunch of other bloggers around the internets:
right now i am…
watching:  gilmore girls. during the day it's all i watch. at night, totally different story. i keep up with all my favorite reality shows, the real housewives is my favorite, all cities.
eating:  just finished a chorizo & egg taco.
drinking:  COFFEE!
wearing: my favorite PJ's. gray flannel. the top have a pocket which is great for carrying my cell phone, candy, kleenex...you know small important things!
avoiding:  updating my login/password spreadsheet to all the accounts i have created online. whether it be bills, stores, emails, etsy account...the list can go forever.
feeling:  AWESOME!
missing:  nothing, no one!
thankful:  for a husband who went to work for 4 hours this AM, gets home with groceries and makes me a delicious breakfast and some STRONG coffee.
weather:  BI-POLAR; cold, hot, warm, cold....BLAH!
praying:  everyday for the same people. the ones i love the most.
needing:  a new TV for the workarea. one with a DVD player so i can watch gilmore girls all day and who's the boss :) oh and Uggs! oh and Christmas shopping. hoping to get it done on wednesday. from 8-2:30!
thinking: i need better organization for this workspace.
loving: sophie and her cheer team! abby and her need for MOM. david and his patience. my new work desk. my new bath soap and robe. loving friends. the idea that david and i have a couple of date nights this month.

and you?  what are you up to?

i think i'll make this a weekly Sunday post.
i know i said no blogging on sundays but if there's time, why not!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

what i wore wednesday!

its wednesday! or in my world, "wine down wednesday" :)
time for another WIWW. in case you're new to the blog, WIWW is where I post pics of myself because i love myself and think im beautiful in an effort to get me out of my PJ's and into some nice clothes. I usually don't take WIWW pics on saturdays or sundays because i may stay in PJ's those 2 days, kidding. I kinda feel like this part of my "work" and i choose not to work those days if i dont have to. ok, here we go!

shirt: Gap
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Target
Scarf: Gap 
All you can see is my shirt and that is my Thirty-One Gifts rep shirt!
Jewelry: Silpada
I'm wearing jeans, Old Navy & shoes from Bouchique 
Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Gap
Flats: Gianni Binni
Necklace: Forever 21 & my new favorite!

That's it 3 pics, BOOO! It's been a crazy week.

Sophie & her Godmother!
The baby in that tummy was born yesterday!
Of course, she's beautiful!
One of the happiest days of my life!

I'll be back to work today. Creating some baby boy western baby shower invites.
Soon, I'll get started on some Mickey Mouse invites. Also, other orders such as toppers and centerpiece labels. Lots of FUN stuff to keep me happy and busy and out of the stores.

Have a wonderful day!
Thank you for stopping by.

peace and blessings,

Monday, December 5, 2011

hello monday...

hello new day, new week!

hello to Christmas countdown.

hello to my new FB fans! paper passion is almost at 400 :)

hello to pics from this weekends event where I had a booth!

i had a really good time. i met some really nice people. got lots of compliments. thankful to everyone who stopped by and to those that helped me setup. i worked really hard prepping for this event. my next big show is scheduled this month. im really excited about this one. i have invited friends and family to come to my house for an open house viewing of my products. i will be working extra hard to prep for this wonderful event. 
i have exactly 2 weeks to prep :)

hello to this beautiful weather. i love sweaters and this is the perfect sweater weather. i hope it hangs around.

oh, say hello to my new work tool!

hello, mr. bad boy torch! pretty powerful tool. a gift from my dad. a little scared to use it. i received it on thursday, took it out of the box friday, put it back in the box right away, and its still in there. a little hesitant. i don't want to burn my hands, eyebrows, or the HOUSE!

hello to new Blossom Blooms! in the pic with Mr. Bad Boy Torch, you can see felt circles. 100% wool felt, so soft! Wear one bloom or several blooms together for a pretty fabulous accessory to add to your outfits!

i hope you all have a wonderful week!

what are you saying "hello" to today?

peace and blessings!

Friday, December 2, 2011


it's time to share some cell phone pics that were taken last week and this week.


pic with Santa! And the most beautiful Santa display at Bass Pro.

telling Santa what they want! That took forever, they want EVERYTHING!

taking a shopping break at Bass! i love him! 

admiring the fish!

in line for the carousel!

la cantera mall! black friday, all gap 60% off. I HAD FUN!

sophie with her new BuildABear! DC Cheerleader!

work! paint, all over. FUN!

ooooo, aaaaaah! does this ribbon holder look store bought? YES it does but can you believe hubby made it. he's awesome. and you see all those spools on the right? yes, i need more of these fixtures to hold all my ribbon. i love ribbon!

that's it for instagram pics. overall it was a great week.

i'll be back monday! no blogging on the weekends.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

coffee talk...

time for some coffee talk, my other favorite type of talk. my other favorite is wine talk.

i'm on my 2nd jumbo size coffee cup this AM. a little tired. not getting enough sleep. this new "job" has me working more than i have even worked IN. MY. LIFE!

how are you feeling today? don't forget to say your prayers and take your vitamins. my daily vitamins consist of B12(did you think this energy comes naturally?), zinc because it helps with the stress acne and my immune system, keeps me from getting sick, and an Omega3 because i don't eat very healthy so this replaces my bad habit of not eating healthy foods. well enough about vitamins, kinda boring but my dad would probably say otherwise. it seems like the man has a GNC inside his home. just like people say my craft room looks like a mini-Michaels/Hobby Lobby, which by the way is a fun compliment!

emotions/feelings: this thanksgiving holiday, i was on an emotional rollercoaster. i was in heaven at my parents house. this is why:
gorgeous property where my girls have the best time. they can run outside, ride their bikes, and feed deer!
then the second its time to say goodbye i hug my mom and cry uncontrollably like a child. it still seems so unreal that they don't live near me. i haven't taken this long distance family relationship very well. its been 3 years since they've moved. i wasn't prepared for this move so when it happened it was shocking and i guess you can say im still in shock. i wish for alot of things but having them here with me is what i wish for the most. i understand they have this new life and its a beautiful life but i'm having a hard time dealing with this separation. and that's where prayer kicks in. i pray that the Lord takes care of them over there.
grateful to have David, my husband. he knows its been hard for me and has been there to ease my pain.

we are headed back to visit soon and im excited to go. gotta be strong this time when i say my good-bye's. crying like a child scared my mom. i just reassured her that life is wonderful because it is and its just hard to leave them.

3rd cup of coffee!

off to create i go! still prepping for this wknd's show. excited, nervous, scared but overall happy for this opportunity!

Good day! XOXO

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what i wore wednesday!


once again, another wednesday has arrived. boy, does time travel fast. especially when you're busy! i'm linking up with lindsay, over at The Pleated Poppy. in an effort to get me out of my jammies and super comfy robe, i've been participating in WIWW. basically what happens is i get dressed everyday and take a pic of myself. no one wants to look horible in pics so i try my best to get put together and look decent. no made up hair or makeup, i simply pull my hair back and dust on some bronzer, gloss and mascara. and YES, i was bad once again. not that many pics...boooo! so at this point i wont make any more promises. here we go!
top: old navy
jeans: old navy
shoes: nike shox 
basic work, errands!
home all day, work!
top: old navy
jeans: old navy
shoes: TOMS 
top: Under Armour Texas A&M
bottom: Nike running shorts
shoes: Nike FreeRun
I dress like this for motivation. Sometimes I think, "well i'm already dressed for it, might as well work out". However, that didn't happen that day. TOO. MUCH. WORK!
top: old navy
bottom: Gap torn jeans. Posted about these before!
shoes: Gianni Binni, Dillards 
scarf: Gap
shoes: Gap, worn below
Currently, on the hunt for a pair from Steve Madden that apparently no one has. They're tiger print, lots of jewels...ahhhh! I really want them.  
jacket: don't know brand, Dillards
cami: old navy
jeans: old navy
shoes: Gap 
with the hubby at Bass Pro Shops!
top: old navy
jeans: gap
purse: LV
sunglasses: Tory Burch
necklace: my favorite from Lisa Leonard Designs. It's very special to me. It doesn't have any diamonds or other fancy stones but it has the name of my girls and my hubby and it's worn close to my heart. I want to be buried with it on.

That's it folks!
Hope you have enjoyed WIWW!

Getting things ready for a show I have this wknd at a local school. Almost done prepping, however I dont think one can ever be ready. Thank you to my hubby who made my backdrop and several other items that i will have for sale.

Monday, November 28, 2011

hello monday...

the start of a new week!

hello to lots of work. i take a couple days off and when i return i suddenly have lots to do. FYI: this saturday at december 3 i will be at the Clark Middle School Jamaica. i will have a booth will all my goodies, including thirty-one gifts, which make great Christmas presents. Hope to see you there :)

hello to Christmas preparations. I was able to purchase several Christmas gifts on Black Friday. Now it's time to wrap them and put them under the tree for Cupcake to chew on.

hello to packages that arrived over the wknd. i have loads of headbands to create. got some new elastic, embellishments, flowers, felt! exciting stuff :)

we spent the thanksgiving holiday with my family in SA! it was fun. my allergies kicked in as soon as we got there. and then came black friday. we shopped alot, even had to refuel at IHOP. we got home at 7. on saturday we took our girls to see santa at bass pro shop. the setup for santa is gorgeous at this beautiful store.

what else am i saying "hello" to this monday AM?
hello cold weather, that i hope will hang around.
hello to my jeans, fitting a little tighter this AM because I ate way too much this past week/weekend.
hello to jogging at least 3 times a week. wish me luck!

so, what are you saying "hello" to on this beautiful day ?


Monday, November 21, 2011

hello monday...

hello to a new day, a new week

hello to waking up a little later since my girls don't have school all week, YAY!

hello to christmas decorating on Wednesday!

hello to new creations:

hello to watching the movie BIG like 10 times this wknd. Sophie's new favorite movie.

hello San Antonio for a couple of days.

hello to Thanksgiving with my family!

hello to all the turkey and stuffing for one day.

hello BLACK FRIDAY! Sophie and I have been preparing. You should see her spreadsheet! Am I creating a monster or what? Nah, just starting a tradition that I hope will last forever. We're not even going for any Door Busters. We just like to have FUN. And sleeping after Thanksgiving dinner is not fun. We're going to hit a couple stores. Shop for Christmas presents. Drink lots of coffee. I'm excited to spend time with my mom and my little "mini-me". My mom & I have been doing Black Friday since I was a teenager. Except Mom was a bit crazy. She would stand in line at Best Buy for TV's and computers. Yea, well this Mom, ME, ain't doing any of that. I would like a new computer or a new TV but I'm not a fan of sitting on the floor in the cold with a ticket in my hand. Never done it but have heard stories.

hello to being so blessed and grateful and thankful for this wonderful life that i lead. i wouldn't have it any other way.

what are you saying "hello" to on this new Monday AM?

Friday, November 18, 2011

friday love {instagram}


too much going on all at once. Sophie, my oldest, is involved in many activities/clubs/organizations at school. it takes up alot of her time and mine as well. kudos to sophie! when i was 9 my after school activity included alot of time at home riding my bike, watching TV, hanging out with my BFF. At times I feel she takes on too much, has too many responsibilities and I just want her to be the kid that I was or still am, LOL.

didn't get to take as many insta-shots as i wanted but this is what i was able to snap.
the fireplace. plenty of cool nights and chilly mornings keep this baby on for a while.
i wish we had a real fireplace though. in my next life i will have a real fireplace. my parents are so lucky to have one in their home. it's so comfy and cozy.

Sunday afternoon, Dallas Cowboys football. That's Mr. Neal McCoy singing the National Anthem. Tribute to all Veterans and to those who serve our country. My eyes got teary. Very emotional tribute.

Texas Rangers Stadium! It was a gorgeous day. I love this shot.

Coffee! The mug is cute. Looks vintage.

I hope everyone has a great wknd.
I have way too much work on my hands to rest.
It's all good.

No blogging on the weekends so I'll see you Monday for hello Monday :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wiww~what i wore wednesday

It's wednesday again! hard to believe. the days seem to fly by. i'm linking over with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy. Check out her blog while you're at it. She sews. That's her specialty. She makes the cutest items. I'm thinking of ordering some of her goodies to give out as Christmas gifts.
Back to WIWW. Its a fun way of keeping me accountable for getting out of my robes and putting on some clothes everyday. Hope you enjoy!
Top: Old Navy
Tank: Can't really see it but it's a brown color, Gap
Jeans: Old Navy
Flats: Gianni Binni, Dillards
Scarf: Gap
Trying to figure out how to wash this scarf, other than hand wash.
Cardi: NY&Co
Tank: Gap
Jeans: Forever 21
Tennis: Jack Purcell's
Cap: Cowboys Pro Shop 
Top: Gap
Jeans: Old Navy
Flats: Target
Blossom Bloom in Chocolate

Three pics, I KNOW super BAD! Hopefully more than 3 pics for next weeks WIWW.

Just noticed my trash can comes out in all 3 pics. Got to move that out of the way. And please disregard the quality of the pics. Sophie is 9 and right now her biggest worry is studying 900 words for the school spelling bee. Taking fabulous pics of her mom kind of gets in her way of studying.

Hope you week has been great! It's almost Friday. Busy wknd planned. Mostly work. Getting ready to host Small Business Saturday here at home. I hope I can get the support from my family and friends. Fingers crossed...

tight hugs,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

not a big sports fan...

but i do love attending sports games! it may be the delicious stadium food or it could be because that's how i enjoy spending time with my hubby.

yesterday I was not able to post "hello monday" :( I was recuperating from a long weekend of fun with friends! We spent the weekend in Arlington, TX at a Dallas Cowboys football game. And they won! Yea, we couldn't believe it either. We were their lucky charms!
BIG, beautiful Cowboys Stadium! The food was delicious. I figured I would be invisible to the hubby, afterall he was in heaven, but he managed to squeeze in some kisses on my cheek a couple times. Awe, he's so sweet.
Me and my girlfriends! The 3 of us together=lots of laughs, shopping & eating. We managed to get some shopping time. The boys shopped at the tool store and we shopped for snacks and clothes! They're FUN chicas.
That's us again. Waiting outside PFChangs! Can you believe we waited over an hour to eat there. But it was so worth the wait. Sweet & Sour chicken, my new favorite from there. We were so full but we still managed to have some vino afterwards :)
So, back to me NOT being a sports fan.
This has got to be my worst picture EVER. This was at a Yankees Game, at Yankee Stadium. I know, who sleeps at Yankee Stadium? ME! I believe I had just had a hot dog and it was our last night in the city so I was extremely tired. But Sel went and the hubby had a good time.
And here we are at Minute Maid Park! Houston Astros! I was not sleepy at this game. We go every summer to an Astros game. They're FUN!

And there we are. Sel, not a sports fan but a fan of going to pretty stadiums and eating some yummy stadium, ballpark food :)Oh, and I can't forgot all the eye candy! Let's see where the car takes us next. I have a feeling it will be to a TX Rangers game.


Friday, November 11, 2011


it's instafriday! i'm going to share what i've been up to all week using cell phone pics and the instagram app. here we go!

Monday was a great start to my work week. I gathered all my pretty Blossom headbands and headed out the door to drop off my beauties at a local boutique.

I've been able to lunch with my hubby & friends more than before. Tortilla chips and 2 very delicious, spicy salsa's. YUM!

I purchased my car on July 9, this pic was taken on Nov 10 and already I have over 5000 miles. Obviously I drive too much. I'm everywhere! Time for the free oil-change. THANKS, TOYOTA!

The American Flag! Very proud to be an American. Happy Veteran's Day to all those brave heroes that fought for our freedom. I thank you.

Sophie, being silly, wearing her penguin sleep mask while in the passenger's seat. Yes, the car was at a complete stop! I can already hear my mother, "Sel, no taking pics while driving"!

Abby, also being silly! My girls love penguins.

Fall wreath! Of course I made it. Foam wreath covered in yarn, added a couple of flowers, a burlap bow to hang and TADDAH!

So that was my instagram week.
I'll be traveling this wknd with my gal pals & our hubbies to watch the Dallas Cowboys get their butts kicked
kick some butt. Looking forward to a wonderful wknd with my man.
No posting on wknds! Have a great weekend!

See ya,