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Monday, November 21, 2011

hello monday...

hello to a new day, a new week

hello to waking up a little later since my girls don't have school all week, YAY!

hello to christmas decorating on Wednesday!

hello to new creations:

hello to watching the movie BIG like 10 times this wknd. Sophie's new favorite movie.

hello San Antonio for a couple of days.

hello to Thanksgiving with my family!

hello to all the turkey and stuffing for one day.

hello BLACK FRIDAY! Sophie and I have been preparing. You should see her spreadsheet! Am I creating a monster or what? Nah, just starting a tradition that I hope will last forever. We're not even going for any Door Busters. We just like to have FUN. And sleeping after Thanksgiving dinner is not fun. We're going to hit a couple stores. Shop for Christmas presents. Drink lots of coffee. I'm excited to spend time with my mom and my little "mini-me". My mom & I have been doing Black Friday since I was a teenager. Except Mom was a bit crazy. She would stand in line at Best Buy for TV's and computers. Yea, well this Mom, ME, ain't doing any of that. I would like a new computer or a new TV but I'm not a fan of sitting on the floor in the cold with a ticket in my hand. Never done it but have heard stories.

hello to being so blessed and grateful and thankful for this wonderful life that i lead. i wouldn't have it any other way.

what are you saying "hello" to on this new Monday AM?

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