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Monday, June 25, 2012

hello monday

so much to say "hello" to on this gorgeous day. 

hello Lord for another day. 

hello WORK!

hello Blossom hair tie special,

hello skinnygirl shapewear, I WANT!

hello to yoplait light mixed with some Bear Naked granola. my new favorite snack. 

hello Magic Mike, 4 more days! 

hello to summer vacay countdown. 21 days...

hello Birchbox! Have you heard of Birchbox?
I heard about it almost a year ago. 
Here's the thing. Im a huge beauty product girl. I love to try new products.
My beauty product cabinet is overflowing. 
Birchbox is a beauty product sample company. 
What they do is send you a pretty box filled with beauty product samples. 
I'm on my 5th month of subscription and I love it. 
Perfume samples, mositurizer samples, all sorts of samples. 
Get on their waiting list, yes a waiting list because that's how popular it is. 
I had to wait over a month until I got the email that read JOIN! 

hello to the super hot weather. makes swimming more enjoyable. 

what are you saying "hello" to today?

have a great week, 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday...

Top & pants: Gap
Flops: Brighton
I've had those flip flops for such a long time.
 Cupcake (the doggie) even chewed on them but I don't care.
I love them. 

I've been in my closet, trying to get some outfits for San Diego together. 
I've heard the weather is great at night so this may be my chance to wear a scarf in the SUMMER!
I miss my scarves. 
I was about to wear one yesterday but in this heat, nah. 
I'm loving all these outfits. 

Once again, the picture taking for WIWW is not going so well. I get so busy. It slips my mind. 

Thank you for stopping by! 


Monday, June 18, 2012

hello Monday

the weeks seem to be just flying by. time does go by fast when you're having fun and/or enjoy your job. 

another hello to Monday. 

hello to the guy who woke me up this morning. and it wasn't my husband. it was the car wash guy. he's here to wash the car. don't get any ideas. 

hello to a clean car. this guy leaves it sparkling clean. 

hello to my new business accounting program that almost made me cry the other night. i HATE math. but i must use it. eventually, i will learn it. 

hello to the little ladies who won't wake up early. I've tried to get them out of bed by 8am and i fail. they love to sleep. 

hello clean laundry room. and no laundry for a week. feels good. 

hello to a relaxing week at home. sophie has cheer one practice this week. other than that, home all week. i love it. 

hello to lots of work. not complaining. except when my hands start to hurt. and my brain all of a sudden just stops working. then, i complain. 

hello to the San Diego countdown. excited! i plan to blog on my trip. that's the plan. 

hello Monday!

so, what are you saying hello to on this HOT summer Monday?

peace & blessings, 

Friday, June 15, 2012

nautical birthday party

i love the beach, so naturally i love anything and everything nautical. i would love to move somewhere near a beach, with sailboats and good seafood. i could eat seafood everyday.

i still ask myself everyday, "why do i live in laredo?"

so, for my daughter's birthday party i decided to do a nautical preppy theme. she happily agreed. colors were hot pink and navy blue. however, finding party supplies in navy blue can be tough.

The birthday hours before her party and she was already wearing her swimsuit!

Cupcake/cake table!

2 jumbo cupcakes, one for each of my little ladies!
I always put a baby pic of the birthday girl. 

Super delicious cupcakes!

paper passion will soon be carrying jumbo balloons, just like the bug blue one!

paper fans for guests who didn't get in the pool. 

the birthday girl!

line for the ice cream sundae bar!

Me and the hubby!

Front door entrance!

Planning this party was fun and a lot of work. 

Nothing beats fun memories at home.

This was her last "big" party. 
Ages 8 and up, just her and her little girl friends. 

My baby girl, is just growing and growing. 
I am loving the little lady she is becoming. 
She a sweetheart. 

So, my other little lady. Her birthday is in October and already we are planning her 10th birthday party!
10 years, a whole decade. 
Slumber party! Spa theme!
Cannot wait!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

wiww on a thursday!

once again. wiww on a thursday. 
it's what happens when you can't make the necessary time for blogging. 

top: old navy
shorts: NY & Co. 
flops: Tory Burch
(got excited when I searched for a Tory store in San Diego and learned that they have one, YAY). 
San Diego trip, next month! THRILLED! 

Dress: Stein Mart
Sandals: Tory Burch

Dress: NY&Co.
Sandals: Tory Burch

Top: Old Navy
Shorts: NY&Co.
And I'm wearing shoes but you can't see them. 

I'm a huge fan of dresses. I would much rather wear a dress than pants or shorts. 
In this weather, dresses are necessary. 
HOT weather! 

Come back tomorrow!
Fabulous Friday giveaway & finally a post about my daughter's birthday party. 


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

right now...

i am

watching: tv is off. however, i can hear sophie watching Full House in the living room. 

eating: just ate a taco. egg whites and turkey bacon. it was alright. 

drinking: water!

wearing: jean shorts, grey striped shirt, flops

avoiding: stepping outside. its so hot. but i have to step out in this heat to take sophie to cheer camp. 

feeling: a bit stressed. overwhelmed. but thankful to be feeling this way. means i have way too much work, which in turn is always good. 

missing: sugar! i've been putting splenda in my coffee. its alright.  

thankful: for work. for a supportive husband. 

weather: muy CALIENTE! 

praying: morning and night, just like my facial cleansing routine.  

needing: well i didn't need underwear but i went to Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale today and bought some anyway. Clearly, i don't understand the word NEED. Tmrw I'm hitting Bath & Body Works for their semi-annual sale. Do I NEED anything from there? Probably not. I could use a new body spray though. I go thru mine pretty quickly. 

thinking: the whole stationery store idea might just happen. i got some great advice on monday. 

loving: my summer AM's. I am still able to enjoy my AM's. The little ladies stay in bed past 10 so I am able to work a couple of hours in peace.  

wishing: i could blog everyday. it is time consuming. I'm going to try my best to do it everyday. keyword: TRY!

hope you're having a great week!

thanks for stopping by :) 


Wednesday, June 6, 2012


i am longer requesting the services of photographer Sophia Sanchez, aka daughter, to take pics of what i wore everyday. when i got my new camera i got a tripod and it has become very handy. i know i always say life is hectic but last week life was really hectic with abby's birthday party and all.

Top: Old Navy
Jeans: Gap
Flops: Tory Burch

Top: The Limited
Cami: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Old Navy
Cant see my shoes but I was wearing tennis!

In case you're new to the blog please don't think i just love to take pics of myself!
Not the case, although who doesn't love a camera. 
I take pics to keep myself accountable for getting out of my PJ's and into some nice, fresh, clean clothes.
Working from home makes it so much easier to stay in my comfy PJ's all day. 

Ran into an outfit on Polyvore that i just love!
well except for the shoes

i want those shorts and that necklace! 
much love. and that ring. perfect!

went to the Limited Monday and I wanted to buy almost everything. 

Pictured with me is my friend and loyal blog reader, Aissa. 
I loved my dress. Til it got dirty with chili. 
Dress: Limited
Anchor necklace & bangle: Forever 21
Earrings: Guy & Eva

Hope you enjoyed today's post!

Now, back to work!
And prepping for a baby shower. 
Trying to come up with baby shower games. 


Monday, June 4, 2012

hello monday

hello to the first monday of summer!

hello to being able to keep my girls entertained while i work.

hello to keeping orders to a minimum because summer has and will always be about my little ladies.

hello to new BRIGHT Blossom Hair Ties!

hello to a successful birthday party we hosted this weekend. too much fun. too many gifts. the birthday girl had a BLAST! her last "family" style birthday party.
from now on, girls only, THANK GOODNESS!

hello to making final preparations for my BFF's baby shower. excited!

hello laundry but i'll get to you later. 

hello Real Housewives of New York City! The new season premieres today and I'm thrilled. I'm going to miss it because Ill be out celebrating my BFF's birthday but it will get DVR'd. NYC is my favorite city so naturally this show is one of my favorites! 

so, what are you saying hello to on this gorgeous Monday AM?

Have a great week!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Summer is here! 

The Sanchez Family loves summer. 

We don't have big summer travel plans. Not like last year. 
Dying to go back but hubby says NO. 
I may just board a plane without him. 

We are taking our little ladies for a week long vacation to Port Aransas and Kemah. 
For them, ages 9 &7, those are big travel plans. 
And if I can think of somewhere else to go we may just go there too. 

Yesterday we celebrated the last day of school with lunch with friends, swimming, and ice cream. 
We were so tired from all the FUN we all fell asleep by 930. 

Hello, Summer!

Have a fabulous weekend!