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Sunday, February 13, 2011

just another day of fun...

today is just another day of work play!

i don't mind at all. it's what i love to do. it's relaxing.

and look at all my fun tools. people often ask what do you use to craft and today i am using these fun materials to create some gift tags and cupcake toppers.

dropping by to say hello and share what i love.

much love,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

new additions...

Welcome! Thanks for visiting.

Recently I have been thinking what I could do to fully start my stationary business. I've received so much help from many business owners. I have started working with graphics t make the most out of my business, paper passion. It truly is a passion. I intend to fully get my online store and take full advantage of some of the great social networks out there. Currently I am working hard on producing some cute printable designs that one could use for just about anything. I have finished some valentines day printables and have also created a new logo for paper passion. While my custom logo is getting created by a fabulous graphic designer, I decided to do one on my own for the meantime. Visit my FB page, paper passion, and browse thru all the photos of invites I have made in the past and check often for new designs of favor tags, cupcake toppers, invites, banners, calling cards, and so much more.

Coming soon to my blog: purchasing thru paypal and a new blog website URL. I sense the excitement brewing :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

indie business 3.0

YAY for me! i have a officially registered for indie business 3.0 ;) what is that, you ask? well it's an online class on starting, surviving and succeeding in the world of independent creative business. i am so exctied to learn from the pro's! lisa is amazing. she makes the most beautiful jewelry. read more on IB3.0 thru their website, http://www.indie-business.com/

this is how i'm going to learn the ropes. then someday i hope to travel to blissdom and martha stewart's dreamers into doers (i need to post on that), because that's me; a dreamer who wants to do everything. the great thing is that i have wonderful time-management skills. i manage my time wisely, between work, home, play. i've incorporated home and play together. lately, my girls have been in my craft room with me doing homework or playing on starfall.com while i work. i dont want them to ever say mommy didn't spend with us bc she was always working.

indie business...well it was either that or go back to school and get a PhD or another master's and i really dont want to study anymore bc one day i will be my own boss. unless i can get scholarships then i'll consider grad school again. and it would really only be for self-fulfillment and enrichment.

i encourage you to check out indie business and if you wanna join me and other fabulous women let me know. it's going to be fun!