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Monday, April 30, 2012

hello monday

hello to a new day, a new week! it's almost MAY. may is a big month in our family :)

hello to a fully loaded work week! Monday-FRIDAY! Yes, SeL is working on a friday. I'm kinda tired of falling asleep late. I'd like to be in bed by 9, not 10-11.

hello to my dirty laundry. it's that time of the month again. my laundry time! sometimes i really and truly consider just buying more clothes so i don't have to do laundry. i remember the days of laundry being fun. when i only had 2 loads and both were mine. dang! and laundry, just like all the house utility bills, will NEVER END!

hello to the new Blossom Etsy shop! Slowly but surely all items will be up for sell by the end of the week.

what are you saying hello to on this last day of April?

This past wknd paper passion & Blossom at the Simply Flowers First Annual Bridal Soiree!
What a fun, pleasant experience! Lots of brides eager to get married. I don't blame them. 
Marriage is wonderful. 

Time for a work! 


Thursday, April 26, 2012

every once in awhile

i think: i wish my grandma Rebecca was here to see sophie and abby and know them. i
i know: she'd hug them so tight. the kind of hugs she would give me. tight, tight, tight. i love tight hugs. shows a person you care.
i think: why are children who share genetics, grow up in the same home, & are parented the same way be so completely different! it happened with me and my brothers and now sophie & abby. the girls are so different.
i wonder: will i be lonely once my girls have gone out in to the world and once they are out there will they be ok? it's sorta a fear. you just want to hold on to them forever.

i wish: they would stay small forever. 
looking back: they were little angels as babies. they hardly cried. we never had a hard time wherever we took them. now, i take them to michaels and they want the whole store, but can you blame them. they get their love for that store from me. 

every once in a while i like to look thru their scrapbooks and photo albums. and ill sit there and cry, smile, laugh. and when the husby gets home from work i bring out all my favorite pics. 

its just them 2 forever. unless the Lord wants something else for us. but for now, these 2 are just perfect. 

the other day i was working in the shop and Abby, yellow dress, says "Mom, you make beautiful stuff." I said "you are the most beautiful thing i have ever made." She looked confused but blew me a kiss and ran off to her room. What a sweetheart! She has a heart of gold.

when i dropped them off for school this AM i couldn't help but tear up when i saw sophie grab her little sisters hand and go inside. 

they're just growing up and its happening so fast. made me realize the only way time is going to slow down is if i slow down myself. gotta work on that! 

hope you have a fab day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


i told you i'd eventually call WIWW just "wednesday", mostly because i haven't been snapping pics.

you have gotten to know me more and more thru this post. i saw this on a friend's FB and i thought this would be wonderful for the blog, so that my readers can get to know me just a bit more. even my close friends find out a lot about me by reading this.

My computer : Apple
My water: from the kitchen. tap water. but its filtered. the husby installed a water filtration system. tastes good!
My game: Super Mario Bros. when i have time.  
My tv Show: Gilmore Girls/Friends
My Magazine: Celebrations
My Camera: Canon. Nothing fancy. It just takes pics.
My stereo: Don't own a stereo. I listen to music on my computer.
My shoes: Tory Burch. Want to buy them all.
My tie: don't wear one.
My City: New York. Only been there twice but its my favorite place to be. I must go back. Refuel the creativity tank.
My restaurant: Danny's.
My Inspiration: Dad
My artist: not much into art. My girls are pretty good artists. Abby is always drawing for me. butterflies, ladybugs, hearts...
My music: mostly 80's soft rock. movie soundtracks. country. tejano.
My team: NY Yankees, Astros, Cowboys
My font: Champagne and Limousines
My Building: The Trump Tower on 5th Avenue. Holy Moly. Its a beautiful place to be at.
My Sport: none. don't play. somewhat watch.
My drink: COFFEE
My Book: The Handmade Marketplace
My tablet: iPad
My hot sauce: Texas Pete's
My chocolate: Almond Joy & Dove Dark Choco
My fruit: mango
My app: facebook
My color: i love all colors.
My soap: Oil of Olay
My fragrance: Chanel no.5
My cereal: honey bunches of oats with almonds

My movie: The Sound of Music & Dirty Dancing

Tidbits about me. 

Now what am I working on: 

Jungle animal baby shower, baseball tags, tiny cute envelopes, modern chic baby shower! 

Getting ready for a jamaica at Laredo Medical Center! Taking 31 and Blossom for exposure. 

Yesterday was the big photo shoot for cream city magazine. Thrilled when Ferch Photography told me he would be coming to take pics. This guy is famous for his photos. Very talented man. I knew he traveled to NYC often so i asked him what takes him over there. He said he went there to escape and start fresh. He goes for fun! Got me thinking.

A while back I thought that my trip to NYC changed my life. It brought upon a different perpsecitve of life. LIFE moves so fast over there. The week I was there, I saw life going quickly. People walking fast, transportation moving fast. I came home and thought "what am I doing with my life?" being stuck in an office coordinating academia for students, is that for me? how do i benefit from this? i remember thinking and thinking. went back to work in august and was just not satisfied. what i wanted to do was create and take care of my girls and be with them when they got out of school. i wanted to pay more attention to my passion for paper crafting and help people by creating some nice invites for them.  

that trip made me realize you only live once. you need to do what you want to do. its not like you can say "oh ill do that in my next life." 

i am very fortunate to have a husby that totally understood what i was thinking and feeling at that point. i think he wants success for me more than i do. he's always thinking of ways for exposure. he even has a creative mind, coming up with creative ideas. 

anyways, back to the photo shoot. it was exciting. went really well. he loved the craft room. he loved what i did. he complimented my invites and my creativity. and i just wanted to tell him, enough about me, your photos are AMAZING works of art.

the craft room will be featured in the june/july issue of cream city magazine. thrilled. I'm surprising the staff at cream on friday with something sweet. just a little thank you. can't wait to meet them. 

thank you for stopping by! hopefully next week i can have a WIWW edition. 


Monday, April 23, 2012

hello monday

hello there!

hello to a new week, a very fully loaded work week. in order to get the day off Friday i may have to stay up late every night.

hello to a weekend that flew by too quickly.

hello to my favorite guilty pleasure: The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Can you say DRAMA?!

hello to the new Thirty-One catalog and wanting everything in the catalog to keep me & this house organized!

hello to a new Blossom Band Collection, I'm A TEXAS Cowgirl!

hello to praying to the Lord and talking to him more and more each day. praying extra hard for our little nephew. he's a trooper. i know the Lord is taking care of him and helping my niece through this hard time. 

hello to a new playlist. taking it back. all 80's. those carefree days. when all i cared about was Full House, Who's the Boss, and playing with my friends and neighbors. 

what are you saying hello to on this new day?

thank you for stopping by!

much love, 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


my dream...
my mom liking my FB status...
need to talk about those 2 but first...

i'm excited for WIWW because I actually snapped some pics. i had to. 

so i snapped 2! hey, 2 is better than 1, which in turn is better than no pictures. be grateful. always be grateful! 

see thru top: old navy
shorts: NY&Co
flipflops: Gap

top: old navy
capris: old navy
sandals: tory burch
ever since i got these cuties for my birthday i cannot get them off my feet. so comfy. 
already asking for another pair :)
actually they are stored in my cart on the nordstrom's website. silly me!
necklace: heaven forever 21

and naturally I'm going to find better outfits on polyvore, my new addiction. 

white and pink, so classy. need to try this combo. 

love the scarf. earrings. that's it. LOL. 
everytime i see a pretty scarf i save the pic. 

you will never see me in boots like that bc they don't go with my figure and honestly not a fan. 
love the stripes of the dress and that bag. this would also look well with TB flats. 

hoped you like this weeks edition of wiww. 

ok now back to the top 2 notes!

i had a dream i was still a school teacher. and in my dream were some of my past students. i wanted to cry when i woke up because even though the "job" was not the best the kids were so awesome and i realize how much i miss them. how i miss working in an environment like that. it was a part of my life for 5 years. when they were done with their work, or sometimes not even done, we used to dance and act and act silly! i know in some ways i inspired them. I'm so happy to keep in touch with a lot of them. thank you to Facebook for that. 

now, this is funny...
my mom likes all my FB status. whatever i post she likes. i don't know if its because she likes what i have to say or because she feels like she's my mom so she has to LIKE the status update. 
for example, 3 weeks back, on a tuesday at 1 am and after several glasses of vino with a pal i posted a line from a DMX song. "stop, drop, shut em down open up shop..." ok. well the next day my mom likes the status. i know she doesn't know who DMX is much less has heard the song. i wonder if she thought i was on a drug or drunk when i posted that. 

now (also funny), 
Confession: every time Sel hears "Baby Got Back" she dances & acts like Miss Thing ;)
i posted this several days ago and guess who liked, MOM! does she even know "Baby Got Back"?
Im thinking thats a big NO. my mom is a 70's and tejano lady. Last summer she was singing an Usher song and she got the words all wrong. The little ladies and I had to correct her. 

So, is my mom hitting the LIKE button because she's my mom and feels like she has to LIKE or does she know who DMX and Vanilla Ice are? I'm just gonna have to ask her. 
I'll let you know what she says. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY tuesday

The Blossom bands are so popular! All returning customers tell me that they easily lose their ties. They ask me for advice on how to keep from losing them. I'm more than happy to share how i store my BB's so that they don't get lost or misplaced. 


i simply grabbed a mason jar from my cupboard and decorated it with some burlap and a satin ribbon. i used to store my BB's in the smaller jar but as you can see the jar is too small. the mason jar is the perfect solution. there's still room for more in there, and thats a good thing because i just received a shipment with 24 new colors. i initially wanted to decorate my BB jar in a nautical theme being that nautical is the theme for my bathroom but i couldn't find anything nautical in the craft room, SHOCKING! the tiny jar on the right, now its a place for all my clips, bobby pins, and black ponytail holders for my little ladies. 

i encourage all BB lovers to do something like this for their BB's. if you need a jar let me know. i have jars up the wazoo! 

so whats up for today? 
well, more work. 
bill and guiliana.
and the real housewives of the OC. 
should be an easy day. 


Monday, April 16, 2012

hello Monday!

hello there!

hello to a fully loaded work week. 

hello to the Blossom Band hair tie collection of the week, GIRLS NIGHT OUT!

hello to the new blog design. isn't it pretty. simple, yet colorful. 

hello to new product coming to the shop this week. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of several shipments.

hello to making a decision on where to spend the hubby's birthday week. 

hello to taking the work week easy, no stress, at least thats what i tell myself. 

hello, or at least soon, to a new iPad cover. Cupcake chewed on the corner of my current one. 

hello to the hubby who is home today. made him a jumbo size coffee. he's outside, relaxing on the patio. 

so, what are you saying hello to on this gorgeous monday AM?


Thursday, April 12, 2012

my 10 favorite blogs

do you have a daily routine/schedule?
i have a routine and schedule for everyday of the week.
Monday - Friday I do the same thing over and over, never gets boring though. When I had the 40 hr job I was strict with my schedule and those of my girls'. Now that I am my own boss I was able to make a new routine/schedule, one that I could enjoy.

645am wakeup kids for showers, make lunches if necessary.
745-10am write blog post, create!
10am shower
11am back in the workshop
12 lunch
3pm pickup girls at school
4pm homework with abby
depending on what day it is my PM can be different. there's cheer, gymnastics, tomorrow teachers club.
girls must be in bed by 9pm. sometimes abby surprises us and hits the bed at 830. its always a good night when that happens.

now i usually get into bed at 10. and instead of watching the news (which is always more entertaining than informing) i grab my iPad and catch up with all the blogs i read on a daily basis. this whole blog thing, me writing a blog, didn't just come up one day. it took me a while to decide to write it. i was inspired by all the wonderful blogs i was reading at that time on a daily basis. i was familiar with blog writing because i had to keep a blog as part of an assignment for a technology class, part of my Master's courses. i had to blog about books i was reading. it was fun. and so that's how this whole blog came about. i also read that people lie to become familiar with the person from whom they purchase handmade good from. i know i do. most of the people i follow, i have purchased from in the past and i still do. I've written in the past that this blog is part of my work and it truly is. now there are people who love to yap and yap and yap and instead of seeing the positive of the blog, simply just talk about it and can't understand why i post so much about myself. i think they need a prayer or two or three and i would rather they just not read it. simply put.

now, going back to getting in bed and catching up on all my favorite blogs. i would love for you to start reading some of them too. here's a list of them.
1. www.thepleatedpoppy.com (inspiration behind the blossom bloom)
2. www.lisaleonardonline.com (its where i got my beautiful silver necklace)
3. www.thetomkatstudio.com (party inspiration)
4. www.hostessblog.com (party and hostess inspiration)
5. www.blog.amyatlas.com (my favorite party girl and queen of dessert and candy bars)
6. www.funkyvintagekitchenblog.com (i love to read her blogs about her family and she has the best WIWW)
7. www.gussysews.com (she is my inspiration to start sewing)
8. www.tatertotsandjello.com (tons of projects for the home)
9. www.todayscreativeblog.com (lots of creating going on there)
10. www.houseofsmiths.com (shelly is my favorite mom blogger. i want to meet her one day. she blogs about her home remodeling and her taste is very similar to mine.)

There you go. My favorite 10. There's about 20 more. But these, without fail, I read EVERDAY. They are bookmarked on my iPad and Mac.

I encourage you to check out some of them.

I also encourage you to have a GREAT day!

ps: new blog design coming soon. this is a generic one. the new one is so simple yet pretty.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


i think ill change the name of this weekly post to "just wednesday" or "wednesday" or "wiwtw, what i want to wear". 

i havent snapped pics in a while. life is crazy busy right now. but i really like the whole idea behind this weekly post so I'm going to try my best to snap more pics. 

what i really should do is get off polyvore and grab my camera.

surprise i spent some time on polyvore and these are the pretty outfits i discovered. 

love the chunky necklace. going to try this outfit this weekend. except for the shoes, not a fan.

love green. shoes, blah. 

the clutch is so cute. blouse, angelic. 

white and blue! cute bag & earrings. 

went to old navy yesterday and i got myself this pretty blouse. with some coral jeans to match. 
bright colored jeans are so popular right now. I'm gonna try this trend. I'm definitely taking a pic when i put this ensemble together. 

color, color, color! everyone says they love color but they don't wear it. if you really loved color you would wear it. at least i think you should. pops of color, here and there. could be your necklace, your shoes, or your earrings. just a tip!

thank you for stopping by!
have a happy hump day!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

hello tuesday

yesterday was the start of a new week but it sure didn't feel like it. it felt like a sunday, spending the day swimming with friends. and so today is my start of a new week...

hello to a whole lot of creating inside the workshop.

hello to the overwhelming response of orders.

hello to laying low for a while.

hello to several shipments headed to the workshop this week.

hello to planning a 35th birthday celebration vacation for my husband! i'm going with him to help him celebrate, lucky me! we are undecided between San Francisco/Napa Valley or Washington DC. I know i'd enjoy Cali but i know he'd enjoy DC more. He's a history FREAK. we'll see what he decides.

hello to loving my laundry schedule. for the past couple months i've been following a schedule that I've been able to keep up with. saw the idea on a blog and thank goodness i discovered it.

what are you saying hello to on this beautiful tuesday AM.

thank you for stopping by!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012


craziness around the shop. no kidding. the month i decide that a stationery shop wouldn't work in laredo and that a retail shop for paper passion wouldn't work mainly because I'm not ready, i get bombarded with orders, phone calls, emails, texts, and sit down appts. don't get me wrong, its all wonderful and its one of the reasons why i left the jungle of education but it can all be very exhausting and overwhelming. my hubby said last night, "isn't this what you wanted?" he's absolutely right. except i only have 2 hands. and the thought of hiring someone to help sounds lovely but then price would go up because i'd have to pay those extra set of hands, get me?

hold, ryan seacrest on TODAY!

ok, I'm back. i love ryan by the way. cutie!

anyways, lots of creating to keep me very busy. it's all GOOD!

now, WIWW. you think i have time to take pics? this week, not so much. and because I've been working inside the workshop I've been wearing sweats and tennis. nothing cute. but i did see some super cute stuff on polyvore!

such pretty outfits. 
need to get some work done so i can meet the BFF for lunch.
for updates and new products in the shop please check out the FB pages :)

Have a great HUMP DAY! 


Monday, April 2, 2012

hello monday

hello to all.

hello to a new week.

hello to Easter Sunday, coming up.

hello to a couple of items on the Momagenda that must get accomplished today.

hello to a sore body from all the walking on Saturday at Sophie's cheer competition.

hello to Toy Story invites and other party printables that have to get created by this Thursday.

hello to a short week for the little ladies. No school on Friday, which in turn means no work for me on Friday.

hello to the new season of Guiliana and Bill on Tuesday.

hello everyone. how are you doing this morning? &

what are you saying hello to on this Monday AM?!