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Thursday, December 23, 2010


finally. the gingerbread baking, decorating, and stuffing them into pretty bags with nice tags is DONE! it took a lot of effort but it was fun. sophie asked a lot of questions about cokoing and baking, and well abby pretty much sat there and munched on the cookies while we decorated them. we love her.

time to rest and maybe a nap. all this baking has left us tired.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

on my mind...gingerbread

lately, what's been on my mind are the gingerbread cookies i am making to share with family and friends. i had to literally purchase everything, except for a cookie sheet, to make them. i had absolutely nothing in my pantry to make them. i even went out and bought a rolling pin. so proud of me. maybe now i can make some delicious fattening tortillas. nah forget it. after the year, it will be diet time s

o no tortillas for awhile.

sophie and I made the gingerbread dough. currently it is laying in the fridge for some chill time. come 6 o'clock we will be cutting them with our NEW, of course, gingerbread cookie cutter and decorating them. while it sits there and chills, i will be happily gift wrapping some more. geez, i think i went overboard on the gift giving. it just seems that the gift wrapping never ends...

be back in a bit,

Monday, December 20, 2010

winter break

day 1 of winter break. today was great. we slept in til about 10:30am. last night we hosted a dinner for my parents and our good friends. we laughed, ate, shared stories...overall, i was happy. last minute christmas shopping today at michael's. also last minute purchases for my gingerbread mess cookies we will be making this week.

i've been stuck in my craft room wrapping, wrapping, and doing some more wrapping. i smile as i wrap because a lot of thought went into all the gifts i purchased. oen thing that makes me eek is when i receive a present and think to myself, "you obviously don't know me". sounds lame and selfish but i just put so much thought into my presents; i only give to those who deserve a gift. my favorite gift i am gifting is my mom's present from her grand-daughters. i'll post a Pic soon!

i am ready to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends. but first, i must finish wrapping. i wish i could wrap like a professional.

back to wrapping, just thought i'd stop, relax, and type.

much love,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ready for a break & hurting

two more days of work. and i ready for a much needed break (11 days off from work).

what's on my agenda these next two weeks: NOTHING! well i do have things to do here and there. most importantly, i will spend time with sophie and abby. we will go catch movies at the theatre. we will SHOP, especially day after Christmas. we will watch plenty of TV. i will take them to the library. i will go for some walks. and of course, there is always crafting that needs to get accomplished. i would also like to re-organize the craft area and my laundry room. i would also like to dig into my sock drawer and match pairs; i bet that would save me time in the mornings.
i just can't wait.

deep inside i'm hurting. and there's nothing anyone can do, not even david. i'm not about to go public with my feelings and what is happening. thank goodness for sophie and abby who keep me very distracted from my hurt.

C U manana,

Monday, December 13, 2010

weekend fun...

Vino Viernes started out fun. Dad and I went on a date. Look at my handsome cowboy. Thanks Sophie, our precious photographer. She loves wasting space on my SD using my camera so for Christmas she is getting a nice dig camera. The night was fun. Lots of dancing, laughing.

Then the big day got here. SATURDAY. Off we go to mama and papa's home in Leon Springs.
First stop Fiesta TX. In this pic, me and the little ladies with their grandmas.

Sophie and Mom

Big sis, lil' sis on the teacup ride

 Me and my papa

me and my MIL

walking the park...

We then headed out to Longhorn Steakhouse, where my God-sister's joined us for dinner.


never leave a camera next to my husband! this is what happens...

Can you believe they just "hang around" my parents' yard...
If the hunter in the family would have had his rifle that would have been last night's dinner.

Then this is what happens when your 8 yr old camera obsessed daughter gets a hold of the camera.

I'll just take a pic of doorknobs, a dining table, the view from the stairs...
Oh Sophie! I'm glad she's getting her own camera so she can leave mine alone.

So that was my wknd. I hardly got sleep. I did no crafting whatsoever. I drank very little wine. But I did spend lots of time with my parents, brother Angelo, my little ladies, my big man D, and my wonderful MIL and that's what matters the most.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

taddah (i'm good at spelling but i'm not sure how you spell this word)...


Actually it was completed last night but I was tied up with some other stuff that today I can finally post the pic of my new wreath(s). I actually made two; one for my office and one for my home.

So I got the inspiration from Lynsey @ wwwthepleatedpoppy.com/blog. She's so cool, that girl! I was inspired to wrap ornaments in yarn. Yea, odd.

So. Wait, why do I like to start my sentences with SO. And why am I typing as if I'm writing a college researchpaper, all grammatically correct. that's so not me.

Anyways, I was driving by Pier 1 imports, at least that's what I told my David, I parked, got off the car, turned off my cell phone and entered paradise, heaven. They had the most beautiful ornament wreaths for like $40. So, there i go again, i decided to replica pier 1's wreaths and got some inspiration from Lynsey and taddah...

The other wreath is silver with more yarn balls. That one is for my office.

So, it's really beginning to look a lot of Christmas in South Texas. It's definitely my most favorite time of the year. Getting together with family and friends is the best. Can you imagine a life without family and friends. I know someone who doesn't get along with their family and doesn't have many friends :( sadness...but hey it is what it is...and for a reason.

I will be headed North this wknd for some family time with my folks, brothers, husband, daughters and maybe even my God-daughter and her parents, Julie and George. It's going to be a blast. We will hit Fiesta TX for some entertainment then hit downtown SA for the yearly visit to the Alamo (and every year big man David wants to go in), and the big tree, SA's version of the NYC Rockefeller tree.

This Christmas will be especially hard on the big guy around here. His father is no longer with us. It will be a sad time for all of us. However, I'm glad I can be here for my big guy and I'm glad for the big broad shoulders he has so I can lean my head and hold his hand.

I will try to post tomorrow, keyword: TRY!

BIG hugs and sweet besos,


Monday, December 6, 2010

wreath preview

I took a pic of all the materials I will be attacking using for this project. I've had the materials for over 2 weeks. I already started but little by little I am trying to finish it. Hopefully it will get done before Christmas. Fingers crossed...

Funky wreaths from Target, $2.50 each
Ornaments from Target (don't break), $1.00
Yarn from Michaels, $12
Glue gun from ???? it's so old...

What does Sel want for Christmas? A NEW GLUE GUN!!!

no bloggin on the weekends...

As much as I really want to, I have not allowed myself to blog on weekends.

Four reasons:

My wknds
1. are for spending time with my daughters, hubby when he's off from work, and for friends!
2. are for sleep.
3. are for spending money shopping.
4. are for crafting ;)
Vino Viernes was great. Here's a pic of the pretty girls that got drunk wasted were present.

I promise to post a pic of some new XMAS wreaths I'm creating.

Friday, December 3, 2010

as long as they know

1. how to love
2. how to respect everyone and anyone
3. that laughter is necessary three times a day
4. that an education is vital
5. we will accept them for who they are
6. books must fill their bookcases
7. they will always have each other
8. mom and dad tried really hard, no matter what
9. mom does everything for them
10. they will BOTH always be daddy's little girls
11. how to choose friends
12. that there is always a consequence to everything
13. there are also rewards for doing great things
14. they need to give to those in need
15. they can do just about anything
16. they got their great sense of style from mom, who in turn idolizes Jackie Kennedy and always wants to looks classy
17. technology is wonderful but use it wisely
18. they have the greatest grandparents
19. that when they grounded, it was for their own good
20. daddy will always be watching the boys and men in their lives, no matter what
21. mommy will never agree with daddy's rules but because he's the sane parent she will always let him have the last word
22. mom threw them the best birthday parties and she expects nothing less for her 50th bday party. LOL
23. to take pictures of everything
24. to never give up, we will not accept quitters
25. be a leader, never a follower; followers don't get anywhere
26. travel, travel, travel and see everything
27. have big aspirations
28. work as hard as you can but remember family before work, alwaysM

Most importantly:
29. that we may have not given you everything but we did give you a lot of love and at the end that's all that matters, love & happiness
30. there is a God, he is powerful and will be there to guide and watch over you.
31. tell the the people you love that you love them on a daily basis. Dad and Mom need to start working on that themselves.

If they grow up knowing this and the many more things we are teaching them on a daily basis, then David and I will be happy, content and grateful to everyone who helped us raise them.

I want to see that smile on her everyday of her life...

Here is Sophie with her grandma Sanchez who loves Sophie and Abby with all her heart.

Here they are with mama and papa. Words cannot describe the love these folks have for their grandchildren...they are truly the greatest.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

someone smells...

It's me. I smell like buffalo sauce from Chick-Fil-A. I spilled it all over my shirt. Now, I will lick wash my shirt!

Cupcake smells too! This is her. What an annoying sweet doggie!

Here she is!

Today went well. I learned how much I miss the classroom setting. I had to test some students. They were awesome and extra nice because they were interested in playing games with my iPad.

Working on some fun Christmas wreaths. Thanks to the The Pleated Poppy for the inspiration. I recommend you follow her blog. Also follow http://www.meandmine.org/. The author is a St. Aug Alumn and her blog is hilarious! She doesn't post quite often but when she does you're either laughing or crying ;)

HASTA MANANA! It's almost Vino Viernes (a phrase I,coined meaning Wine Friday)...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Top Pic: crop room, after
Lower Pic: craft room, before

Do you get the obsession/addiction/illness?
And every night before we hit the sack, David comes to turn off the 3 or 4 glue guns that I left turned on.
Imagine if I didn't have this room? I can't. It would probably be all over master bedroom and I'd be divorced by now.


Hola! That's how I greet mostly everyone on a daily basis.

So the pic. Big man standing is Daddy, aka David. Then there's Abby, happy girl. Sophie is usually happy but for some reason she was just not feeling the whole "family picture, happy moment" vibe. Lastly, me, Princess, I mean Queen Mom, aka Sel. This was taken on the day of thanks or as I like to call, eat all day Day!

So this is what we do. The girlfriends, as their grandpapa likes to call them go to school and have fun learn. Dad works for BJ Services, oil business. Don't know exactly what he does but the $ is good so hey we don't complain around here. And I work in the education field. Teaching? HELL NO! Those days are over :) After my 40 hour job I come home to slave be mommy and wife. I spend a lot of time in my craft room. Currently it literally looks like a tornado hit the area. Well, ok, it looks like that almost 365 days a year but I have this illness called crafting. Have I tried to get help? NO. And I'm not about to start looking for an intervention. As long as Michael's and Hobby Lobby stay open I will continue with the addiction. Hey, I could be addicted to something worse like food, no wait, already am; vino, no wait uhm makeup, nope sorry.

I decided to chronicle our lives thru a blog and share our travels to SA, that's as far as we go, really. To share all my crafts, pics of special events, and really our love for life. As I always say and lately I've been saying it too much, "you only live once". Enjoy...