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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ready for a break & hurting

two more days of work. and i ready for a much needed break (11 days off from work).

what's on my agenda these next two weeks: NOTHING! well i do have things to do here and there. most importantly, i will spend time with sophie and abby. we will go catch movies at the theatre. we will SHOP, especially day after Christmas. we will watch plenty of TV. i will take them to the library. i will go for some walks. and of course, there is always crafting that needs to get accomplished. i would also like to re-organize the craft area and my laundry room. i would also like to dig into my sock drawer and match pairs; i bet that would save me time in the mornings.
i just can't wait.

deep inside i'm hurting. and there's nothing anyone can do, not even david. i'm not about to go public with my feelings and what is happening. thank goodness for sophie and abby who keep me very distracted from my hurt.

C U manana,

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