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Friday, December 3, 2010

as long as they know

1. how to love
2. how to respect everyone and anyone
3. that laughter is necessary three times a day
4. that an education is vital
5. we will accept them for who they are
6. books must fill their bookcases
7. they will always have each other
8. mom and dad tried really hard, no matter what
9. mom does everything for them
10. they will BOTH always be daddy's little girls
11. how to choose friends
12. that there is always a consequence to everything
13. there are also rewards for doing great things
14. they need to give to those in need
15. they can do just about anything
16. they got their great sense of style from mom, who in turn idolizes Jackie Kennedy and always wants to looks classy
17. technology is wonderful but use it wisely
18. they have the greatest grandparents
19. that when they grounded, it was for their own good
20. daddy will always be watching the boys and men in their lives, no matter what
21. mommy will never agree with daddy's rules but because he's the sane parent she will always let him have the last word
22. mom threw them the best birthday parties and she expects nothing less for her 50th bday party. LOL
23. to take pictures of everything
24. to never give up, we will not accept quitters
25. be a leader, never a follower; followers don't get anywhere
26. travel, travel, travel and see everything
27. have big aspirations
28. work as hard as you can but remember family before work, alwaysM

Most importantly:
29. that we may have not given you everything but we did give you a lot of love and at the end that's all that matters, love & happiness
30. there is a God, he is powerful and will be there to guide and watch over you.
31. tell the the people you love that you love them on a daily basis. Dad and Mom need to start working on that themselves.

If they grow up knowing this and the many more things we are teaching them on a daily basis, then David and I will be happy, content and grateful to everyone who helped us raise them.

I want to see that smile on her everyday of her life...

Here is Sophie with her grandma Sanchez who loves Sophie and Abby with all her heart.

Here they are with mama and papa. Words cannot describe the love these folks have for their grandchildren...they are truly the greatest.

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