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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

i had to make time...

time to write on this! life can get pretty hectic. want a sneak peek into my life. well, it goes a little something like this:

EVERYDAY I'M HUSTLIN' and SHUFFLIN' and working my full time job as MOM, then WIFE, then ACADEMIC COORDINATOR (which is great but sometimes I want to drive to AUSTIN and beat up those TEA people) OH and in my spare time I sell Silpada jewlery, Thirty One totes, run paper passion & Blossom. And to think that paper passion will soom be growing with the addition of some awesome products.

So, did you think I was really tell you everything I do, ALL. DAY. LONG. I like to keep alot of things private, especially work. I keep it all to myself, mostly because it's nobody's business except the woman who makes all this happen, ME!

Now, I'm working on a Halloween Printable party collection. My first collection and I'm excited.

I've missed several insta-Friday's, several weeks worth of Letters from Papa(a weekly series) but don't worry pics are being taken with my Instagram app and Papa is still sending letters over here and now they include $, which is great because now when I take the little monkeys out for some shopping they get to pay for their own stuff. THANKS PAPA!

and now 10 bits of randomness:
1. take the time to pray, even if things are great. they gotta keep on being great. so keep or start praying.
2. i often say i wish there were hours in the day, but really 24hrs is great. its about how you manage those 24 hrs that make a BIG difference.
3. why won't it rain, already! enough is enough
4. i miss my family alot. i wish we could all be together.
5. Pinterest: OMG talk about addicting. And they have an app for it.
6. I'm already thinking about my NY resolution. Is it too soon?
7. really take a look at those around you who seem to be so happy; they may actually be the most unhappiest and are suffering.
8. so the other day I spilled a drink (no, not wine) on a couple of invites I was working on and I almost gave up. Crying and leaning on my hubby's broad shoulders made all anxiety go away.
9. if you're still single, find yourself a man with strong arms and broad shoulders. oh, and a BIG heart. one day, you will NEED all 3.
10. Mix 96.1 in SanAntonio, is the coolest station. At least twice a day they play NSync.

Bye, bye, bye!