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Monday, June 20, 2011

25 bits of randomness on a monday AM

#1 I’m pretty random by nature … take this blog for instance. What category does it fit in? Lifestyle? Home Decorating? Crafts? Who knows. But it represents my life. Random. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

#2 I am quite taken with Pinterest. Slowly but surely my boards are gaining pins.

#3 My go-to summer salad has to have lots of spinach.

#4 I don't have a gallbladder.

#5 I swear i'm allergic to the sun. i get bad sunspots if i dont use my prescribed meds from the derm.

#6 when i take off my shoes i dont put them where they belong. they're all over my closet. hubby hates that!

#7 i have a slight addiction to manicures and pedicures

#8 There are two types of people: those who decorate their homes once and those who fanatically rearrange. We’re in the second camp.

#9 I like to camp. It has to be in a tent.

#10 Current tv faves: Kardashians, Bethenny Ever After, all the Housewives! i love TV drama, hate MY real-life drama.

#11 i use Sophia's camera to take pics. im really thinking og investing in one of those pricey ones.

#12 I love getting mail but not bills.

#13 My favorite form of exercise is ??? i wish i had the will power to do it on a daily basis.

#14 I try to avoid confrontation.

#15 the best memories i have all happened in high school!

#16 I learned to sew by myself. I was self-taught. I'd rather do it by hand than with a machine.

#17 on my list to buy: a sewing machine to make some great curtains and a stand mixer in RED!

#18 I want to back pack thru europe and visit Tokyo.

#19 i started doing Zumba, and quickly realized my dancing skills are non-existent! WHAT HAPPENED?

#20 My favorite linen is actually from IKEA curtain panels. 2 panels of the best linen for $20. Can't wait to use these babies, not cover my windows but to make some cute accesories! THANKS IKEA!

#21 you should see my calendar. it's a MESS!

#22 i wish i had a niece or nephew that i could spoil. my brothers are taking to long to reproduce. but i think that's ok.

#23 Favorite collections: PENS! WINE BOTTLES! PAPER!

#24 I have a sweet tooth. Choco covered OREO's, my new BFF!

#25 Summertime is THE BEST. We’re looking forward to sunshine, playing outside, lots of swimming and a few little trips here and there. NYC, I'm coming back baby!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

my fun week, via Instagram

I LOVE INSTAGRAM! its a great app! i took many pics on my trip thru instagram. here are a few!

wait, there's more!

it great a great GREAT trip! Kemah, every summer from now on!

but now its' back to work!

life is good, especially thru Instagram!

Friday, June 10, 2011

taking a break

a. much. needed. break!!!

what's going on with paper passion & Blossom? well, ALOT! its been so crazy. it's sorta like a rollercoaster. orders here, there and everywhere. but its'll ALL GOOD! been working on some rosette necklaces in purple, pink and teal! i've also been working on some printable party circles for several themed parties. soon, i'll be posting some of my collections on etsy. also working on some pretty flowers for baby girls. can't wait to share all these new items with you. i will be posting pics on FB after my much.needed.break!

a vacation. nowhere trpoical just relaxing with my girls and my sweetpea. first stop, Minute Maid park for teh Astros vs Braves game with my hunny. After that we will be driving to SA picking up our dolls at my mom's and heading to Kemah, TX! Now that should be relaxing and fun! Cannot wait to get there.

thank you for stopping by!