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Friday, June 10, 2011

taking a break

a. much. needed. break!!!

what's going on with paper passion & Blossom? well, ALOT! its been so crazy. it's sorta like a rollercoaster. orders here, there and everywhere. but its'll ALL GOOD! been working on some rosette necklaces in purple, pink and teal! i've also been working on some printable party circles for several themed parties. soon, i'll be posting some of my collections on etsy. also working on some pretty flowers for baby girls. can't wait to share all these new items with you. i will be posting pics on FB after my much.needed.break!

a vacation. nowhere trpoical just relaxing with my girls and my sweetpea. first stop, Minute Maid park for teh Astros vs Braves game with my hunny. After that we will be driving to SA picking up our dolls at my mom's and heading to Kemah, TX! Now that should be relaxing and fun! Cannot wait to get there.

thank you for stopping by!

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