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Monday, June 20, 2011

25 bits of randomness on a monday AM

#1 I’m pretty random by nature … take this blog for instance. What category does it fit in? Lifestyle? Home Decorating? Crafts? Who knows. But it represents my life. Random. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

#2 I am quite taken with Pinterest. Slowly but surely my boards are gaining pins.

#3 My go-to summer salad has to have lots of spinach.

#4 I don't have a gallbladder.

#5 I swear i'm allergic to the sun. i get bad sunspots if i dont use my prescribed meds from the derm.

#6 when i take off my shoes i dont put them where they belong. they're all over my closet. hubby hates that!

#7 i have a slight addiction to manicures and pedicures

#8 There are two types of people: those who decorate their homes once and those who fanatically rearrange. We’re in the second camp.

#9 I like to camp. It has to be in a tent.

#10 Current tv faves: Kardashians, Bethenny Ever After, all the Housewives! i love TV drama, hate MY real-life drama.

#11 i use Sophia's camera to take pics. im really thinking og investing in one of those pricey ones.

#12 I love getting mail but not bills.

#13 My favorite form of exercise is ??? i wish i had the will power to do it on a daily basis.

#14 I try to avoid confrontation.

#15 the best memories i have all happened in high school!

#16 I learned to sew by myself. I was self-taught. I'd rather do it by hand than with a machine.

#17 on my list to buy: a sewing machine to make some great curtains and a stand mixer in RED!

#18 I want to back pack thru europe and visit Tokyo.

#19 i started doing Zumba, and quickly realized my dancing skills are non-existent! WHAT HAPPENED?

#20 My favorite linen is actually from IKEA curtain panels. 2 panels of the best linen for $20. Can't wait to use these babies, not cover my windows but to make some cute accesories! THANKS IKEA!

#21 you should see my calendar. it's a MESS!

#22 i wish i had a niece or nephew that i could spoil. my brothers are taking to long to reproduce. but i think that's ok.

#23 Favorite collections: PENS! WINE BOTTLES! PAPER!

#24 I have a sweet tooth. Choco covered OREO's, my new BFF!

#25 Summertime is THE BEST. We’re looking forward to sunshine, playing outside, lots of swimming and a few little trips here and there. NYC, I'm coming back baby!

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