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Friday, March 30, 2012

right now...

i am

watching: the Today Show. I'm not really watching, just listening. 
eating: no breakfast for me. 
drinking: COFFEE! Went to bed extra early last night so I'm feeling great and the coffee is just what i need to start my morning. 
wearing: gray lounge top, pj pants, robe, socks! sexy...LOL
avoiding: Gap. i saw their new arrivals online and i want it ALL. 
feeling: well-rested, grateful for another day.
missing: my hubby again. he left the house yesterday while we were asleep and got home late. so i've seen him about 1 hour in the past 30 hours. 
thankful: for true friends. 
weather: very very nice. a bit bi-polar. it poured cats and dogs, and other animals last night. my grass was loving it. 
praying: morning and night, just like my facial cleansing routine. 
needing: a bigger workspace. i want a little station for customers to see all my product without having to actually step into my "workspace". DAVID...my handy go to guy. he can build anything! 
thinking: hmmm...
loving: leaving the jungle of education to do paper passion & Blossom full time. up to now, BEST decision i have ever made in my ENTIRE life. well aside from accepting david's marriage proposal after dating for 2 months. 
looking forward to: Saturday, Cheer competition! Sunday, swimming with pals :) 

have a great weekend!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

wiww on a Thursday

I didn't forget about WIWW yesterday, I was just not feeling well. So please excuse the late post. I know a lot of readers enjoy WIWW so i will not skip it.

again ONE pic and my hubby took it and laughed at the whole WIWW concept because the photographer was too busy with watching TV and making a mess in her bedroom homework and studying!

here we go!

top: Old Navy
Jeans: NY & CO
Shoes: Tory!
neckalce: Guy and Eva

super casual. love it. especially for the beach. 

those jeans, $600! crazy. love the scarf. 

i've always wanted a Chanel bag. love it all!

love the top, and my luck they are SOLD OUT in this color. 

so cute. shoes, not so much me. 

i want those earrings, bracelet and purse!!! i love the stripes. 

I LOVE POLYVORE!!!! believe it or not, when i shop now i think to myself "how would this be put together on Polyvore?" crazy, i know. but it really does inspire my fashion choices and outfits. 

one more day of work! 
thank you for stopping by. 


Monday, March 26, 2012

hello monday...

hello to this beautiful Monday AM. the weather is nice.

hello to a busy day and week.

hello to a 4 day work week.

hello to cheer competition this weekend! Go Sophie!!!!

hello to a new front door wreath, in process...

hello to the Blossom Band SPECIAL OF THE WEEK! That's right, I said WEEK (monday-friday). Spring Fling 2012 6 piece set, $5. Get yours now. You may reserve for pickup as well :)

hello to planning a spectacular baby shower for some special people. planning will officially begin today, as soon as mama finds out the sex of her BABIES! that 's right, plural, more than 1 :)

hello to some good reality TV this week!

hello to a hard working, but relaxing and joyful week for all of you. 

hello to remembering you only live once so don't forget to LIVE! 

what are you saying "hello" to on this beautiful Monday AM?


Thursday, March 22, 2012

thursday...end of my work week

happy today is my last day of work for this week. after today i can relax with my little ladies. i love my work but a 3 day weekend is always a good thing.

thank you to everyone who placed orders this week!

i have a HUGE shipment of Blossom Band supplies that should arrive this coming week. ALL. THE. WAY. FROM. ASIA. new flowers also expected.

i am also expecting some Tory Burch flip flops. excited!

the fresh flowers inside the workshop are still alive and doing well. the room smells divine.
the sunflower is blooming just perfectly. 
easy peezy floral arrangement. went to my nearby florist who has flowers setup in her shop just like the flower markets i saw at chelsea market in NYC. i chose 11 stems. put them in a spaghetti sauce jar (which i keep for many purposes, this being one). added some jute twine, water and taddah. they were supposed to be for my dining room table but i'm in my workshop almost the entire day 
so i decided to place them in here. 

party planning for Abbygirl's 7th birthday party is going. invites are being created with the help of my husband. he's very excited for this party. i think it has to do with the fact that the theme is very boy friendly. i'm incorporating his favorite color throughout the whole party. 

thank you all for stopping by. have a wonderful rest of the week and enjoy your weekend. i may blog tmrw, we shall see. 


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Welcome to another edition of WIWW (what i wore wednesday)!

I had been on vacation for the past 2 weeks therefore no pics were taken for WIWW. I did get out of my PJ's everyday those 2 weeks, in case you're wondering!

one pic. just one. 

Blouse: Old Navy
Skinnies: Gap
Shoes: Tory Burch (birthday gift from the hubby)
Scarf: Gap

Worked a bit and then headed out the door for some shopping!
Picked up the new BB cream from Smashbox. 

Do not like the shoes but everything else, LOVE! Especially that handbag. 

The dress is so pretty. And the accessories go perfectly. 

Thank you for stopping by!
Gotta get back to work and I'm not feeling well :(


Monday, March 19, 2012

hello monday...

hello there!

hello to a new week. a week closer to Easter. 

hello to time going by so quickly. my life is in no way like hers, but I can totally relate to Bethenny Frankel. love her. 

hello to almost Spring. it already feels like Spring but it's not official until the actual date gets here. 

I'm very proud of my 2 big trees. just a couple weeks back they had no leaves, 
then all of a sudden GREEN!

hello to routine! im glad the girls headed back to school. taking this time off kinda throws me out of the loop. it was very relaxing but i was very desperately trying to get back to work inside the workshop. feels so good to be back. 

hello to my gratitude journal. 

got the idea from Lady Gaga, whose mom made her keep a gratitude journal as a young girl.
 Her mom got the idea from Oprah, of course. 

hello to summer vacation planning. don't know where to go, what to do. so many options but we don't have money trees in the backyard. gotta get me one or two of those. there's Yellowstone, Colorado, Washington DC, Florida, California! And there's ALWAYS NYC but the hubby says somewhere different. honestly, i think NYC scared him a bit. especially the flight. it alright, he's still my tough guy, even though he hates to fly. 

so, what are you saying hello to on this gorgeous Monday AM?

have a happy week! consider starting a gratitude journal. you may feel a bit better about yourself, in many aspects. 


Thursday, March 15, 2012

right now...

as strange as it may sound, it feels very weird and strange when a day goes by without me blogging. i feel like i may be letting some readers down, when i don't post. and i don't want to let anyone down. i know i tend to stress over it when i probably shouldn't. it's been a whole week since my last post and even though I'm taking the week off to spend the break with my ladies, i figured i can squeeze in some work time if they're still asleep. and part of my work is this blog so let's get to it!

right now...

watching: the Today Show. I'm not really watching, just listening. 
eating: no breakfast for me. 
drinking: a brand new cup of coffee, Keurig Donut Shop!
wearing: gray tee and white shorts (loungewear from Gap)
avoiding: exercise, even though i know i should be doing it. 
feeling: well-rested, grateful for another day.
missing: my hubby. I saw him for about an hour yesterday. 
thankful: for wonderful friendships. my friends were there for me to celebrate my birthday. it felt wonderful to be surrounded by such great people. 
weather: very very nice. 
praying: morning and night, just like my facial cleansing routine. 
needing: to take a trip to Sephora to purchase some goodies to keep my skin (face) firm, young, and luminous. Yesterday, the Martha Stewart Show was all about skincare. It was very informative. So many great, new products out there. I MUST get my hands on them. 
thinking: hmmm...
loving: our backyard oasis. the men have finally left after transforming our front yard and backyard. the backyard still needs some work but it should be finished by sunday. i'm loving my trips to lowe's and the nursery to purchase plants and flowers. i've decided that Spring is definitely my favorite season. 
looking forward to: getting back to work on Monday! Several invite and party printable orders to get created! I've spent this time off to focus on Abby's birthday party and the hubby's 35th birthday celebration. So many awesome vendors out there. I love online shopping! You'd think I'd hit Party City for parties but I don't. 

Thank you for stopping by today!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

getting old

if you know me, like really know me, then you know i hate the whole aging process. you will know that i wash my face twice a day, i put on facial moisturizer AND sunscreen day and NIGHT! i put on eye cream like if it was free. i take a couple of vitamins daily. i tried to cover up the gray hairs yesterday but i was unsuccessful. the only thing that i don't do to keep me young and healthy is exercise. i am aware that i must start. and i will. SOON!

i talk about the aging process and getting old because today is my 33rd birthday. in the past i have loved celebrating my birthdays. my mom always went all out to celebrate my birthday. my parents got me lavish presents and had nice birthday parties. but now, at this age, i just want to curl up in a ball and cry. this whole "getting old and looking it too" thing just isn't working. like i tell my Comadre, I WANT TO LIVE FOREVER AND STAY IN MY 30's forever. the 30's, such great years. turning 30 was scary and ugly but I've go to say that its been loads of fun.

you can't prevent the aging process, it has to happen and to make me feel young and rejuvenated I'm off to the spa for about 5 hours. i may cry upon leaving.

thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012


another WIWW! the weeks seem to fly by. when i had a full time career the weeks went by sooooo slow! probably because I was bored. paper passion and Blossom have been so much fun, I'm not bored, and so the weeks go by faster. they say time flies when you're having fun.

another polyvore edition. i love polyvore. i can spend all day on polyvore.
this is what I would wear:

Not a big fan of the handbag but I love everything else. 

Navy and Mustard! Gotta try that combo. Don't like the handbag but love everything else. 

Love the distress jeans. And that hat. Too bad my head is too big for hats. 

LOVE it all! Especially the handbag.

Thought I'd throw this in there. You can only see 10. But you can see all 15 here!

It's been great taking a little break from crafting to just hang around at home. 
Last night I was able to get on the couch with some hot tea and watch some fabulous reality TV. And by fabulous I mean those hilarious Housewives from OC. I love the new housewife, Heather. She's brilliant.

thank you for stopping by. have a wonderful day. 


Monday, March 5, 2012

hello Monday...

hello on this gorgeous Monday AM.

hello to opening the workshop window to let the breeze in.

hello to a new week in march.

hello to another year of life. 33 on thursday. yikes. time flies. its very scary.

hello to the george strait team roping this wknd. a day of fun with friends, food and shopping with different vendors!

hello to a new haircut this week.

and hello to some spa time on thursday. i may cry when its time to leave.

what are you saying hello to on this beautiful Monday AM?

I was able to participate again at the LIFE fair this year. It was such a wonderful experience. I had a blast with my Comadre, who had a very successful booth selling her Scentsy products. We had a blast!

Thank you to everyone who passed by and showed some love. I truly appreciate everyone's support. It means the world that you all support this crazy job of mine. What once was a hobby turned addiction is now my full time "career" and I am blessed to be able to live this dream of mine. I am already thinking of new ideas for next year's Fair.

Here are some pics!

An unforgettable experience.