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Monday, March 19, 2012

hello monday...

hello there!

hello to a new week. a week closer to Easter. 

hello to time going by so quickly. my life is in no way like hers, but I can totally relate to Bethenny Frankel. love her. 

hello to almost Spring. it already feels like Spring but it's not official until the actual date gets here. 

I'm very proud of my 2 big trees. just a couple weeks back they had no leaves, 
then all of a sudden GREEN!

hello to routine! im glad the girls headed back to school. taking this time off kinda throws me out of the loop. it was very relaxing but i was very desperately trying to get back to work inside the workshop. feels so good to be back. 

hello to my gratitude journal. 

got the idea from Lady Gaga, whose mom made her keep a gratitude journal as a young girl.
 Her mom got the idea from Oprah, of course. 

hello to summer vacation planning. don't know where to go, what to do. so many options but we don't have money trees in the backyard. gotta get me one or two of those. there's Yellowstone, Colorado, Washington DC, Florida, California! And there's ALWAYS NYC but the hubby says somewhere different. honestly, i think NYC scared him a bit. especially the flight. it alright, he's still my tough guy, even though he hates to fly. 

so, what are you saying hello to on this gorgeous Monday AM?

have a happy week! consider starting a gratitude journal. you may feel a bit better about yourself, in many aspects. 


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