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Monday, March 5, 2012

hello Monday...

hello on this gorgeous Monday AM.

hello to opening the workshop window to let the breeze in.

hello to a new week in march.

hello to another year of life. 33 on thursday. yikes. time flies. its very scary.

hello to the george strait team roping this wknd. a day of fun with friends, food and shopping with different vendors!

hello to a new haircut this week.

and hello to some spa time on thursday. i may cry when its time to leave.

what are you saying hello to on this beautiful Monday AM?

I was able to participate again at the LIFE fair this year. It was such a wonderful experience. I had a blast with my Comadre, who had a very successful booth selling her Scentsy products. We had a blast!

Thank you to everyone who passed by and showed some love. I truly appreciate everyone's support. It means the world that you all support this crazy job of mine. What once was a hobby turned addiction is now my full time "career" and I am blessed to be able to live this dream of mine. I am already thinking of new ideas for next year's Fair.

Here are some pics!

An unforgettable experience. 


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