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Friday, March 30, 2012

right now...

i am

watching: the Today Show. I'm not really watching, just listening. 
eating: no breakfast for me. 
drinking: COFFEE! Went to bed extra early last night so I'm feeling great and the coffee is just what i need to start my morning. 
wearing: gray lounge top, pj pants, robe, socks! sexy...LOL
avoiding: Gap. i saw their new arrivals online and i want it ALL. 
feeling: well-rested, grateful for another day.
missing: my hubby again. he left the house yesterday while we were asleep and got home late. so i've seen him about 1 hour in the past 30 hours. 
thankful: for true friends. 
weather: very very nice. a bit bi-polar. it poured cats and dogs, and other animals last night. my grass was loving it. 
praying: morning and night, just like my facial cleansing routine. 
needing: a bigger workspace. i want a little station for customers to see all my product without having to actually step into my "workspace". DAVID...my handy go to guy. he can build anything! 
thinking: hmmm...
loving: leaving the jungle of education to do paper passion & Blossom full time. up to now, BEST decision i have ever made in my ENTIRE life. well aside from accepting david's marriage proposal after dating for 2 months. 
looking forward to: Saturday, Cheer competition! Sunday, swimming with pals :) 

have a great weekend!


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