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Thursday, April 21, 2011

finally, a new post!


so. darn. busy. with life and a full-time job, motherhood, wife, 2 businesses, working on business #3, & vino Viernes. however, i was able to squeeze in some spa time last saturday(4 hours)! the best 4 hours i've had since my birthday celebration back in march. OH, and did i mention there's huge hole in our backyard. POOL!!!! it should be ready soon and that's a good thing because the temperatures are sky-rocketing. in addition to all this mess, Sophie is going to receive the Holy Eucharist on mother's day, YAY! Abby is turning 6 in May , splash party! those 2 events have kept me stressed but still able to function.

much is happening at paper passion. i was able to purchase many new tools, which i am loving. some martha stewart supplies, along wtih some ek success paper punches. i love paper punches.

business #3: something fresh and i cannot wait to share with the world. a business name has been chosen, product is being created, trying to design a perfect logo. with the Lord's blessing, all will come into place in June. im really excited for this new venture.

hope all is well with you. thank you for stopping by. remember paper passion for all your stationary needs!

always a pleasure XOXO,