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Thursday, March 8, 2012

getting old

if you know me, like really know me, then you know i hate the whole aging process. you will know that i wash my face twice a day, i put on facial moisturizer AND sunscreen day and NIGHT! i put on eye cream like if it was free. i take a couple of vitamins daily. i tried to cover up the gray hairs yesterday but i was unsuccessful. the only thing that i don't do to keep me young and healthy is exercise. i am aware that i must start. and i will. SOON!

i talk about the aging process and getting old because today is my 33rd birthday. in the past i have loved celebrating my birthdays. my mom always went all out to celebrate my birthday. my parents got me lavish presents and had nice birthday parties. but now, at this age, i just want to curl up in a ball and cry. this whole "getting old and looking it too" thing just isn't working. like i tell my Comadre, I WANT TO LIVE FOREVER AND STAY IN MY 30's forever. the 30's, such great years. turning 30 was scary and ugly but I've go to say that its been loads of fun.

you can't prevent the aging process, it has to happen and to make me feel young and rejuvenated I'm off to the spa for about 5 hours. i may cry upon leaving.

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