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Monday, December 20, 2010

winter break

day 1 of winter break. today was great. we slept in til about 10:30am. last night we hosted a dinner for my parents and our good friends. we laughed, ate, shared stories...overall, i was happy. last minute christmas shopping today at michael's. also last minute purchases for my gingerbread mess cookies we will be making this week.

i've been stuck in my craft room wrapping, wrapping, and doing some more wrapping. i smile as i wrap because a lot of thought went into all the gifts i purchased. oen thing that makes me eek is when i receive a present and think to myself, "you obviously don't know me". sounds lame and selfish but i just put so much thought into my presents; i only give to those who deserve a gift. my favorite gift i am gifting is my mom's present from her grand-daughters. i'll post a Pic soon!

i am ready to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends. but first, i must finish wrapping. i wish i could wrap like a professional.

back to wrapping, just thought i'd stop, relax, and type.

much love,

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