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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hola! That's how I greet mostly everyone on a daily basis.

So the pic. Big man standing is Daddy, aka David. Then there's Abby, happy girl. Sophie is usually happy but for some reason she was just not feeling the whole "family picture, happy moment" vibe. Lastly, me, Princess, I mean Queen Mom, aka Sel. This was taken on the day of thanks or as I like to call, eat all day Day!

So this is what we do. The girlfriends, as their grandpapa likes to call them go to school and have fun learn. Dad works for BJ Services, oil business. Don't know exactly what he does but the $ is good so hey we don't complain around here. And I work in the education field. Teaching? HELL NO! Those days are over :) After my 40 hour job I come home to slave be mommy and wife. I spend a lot of time in my craft room. Currently it literally looks like a tornado hit the area. Well, ok, it looks like that almost 365 days a year but I have this illness called crafting. Have I tried to get help? NO. And I'm not about to start looking for an intervention. As long as Michael's and Hobby Lobby stay open I will continue with the addiction. Hey, I could be addicted to something worse like food, no wait, already am; vino, no wait uhm makeup, nope sorry.

I decided to chronicle our lives thru a blog and share our travels to SA, that's as far as we go, really. To share all my crafts, pics of special events, and really our love for life. As I always say and lately I've been saying it too much, "you only live once". Enjoy...


  1. I like how you both have mini me's.

  2. Hi laurita! we sure do and we love it as well.