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Thursday, December 9, 2010

taddah (i'm good at spelling but i'm not sure how you spell this word)...


Actually it was completed last night but I was tied up with some other stuff that today I can finally post the pic of my new wreath(s). I actually made two; one for my office and one for my home.

So I got the inspiration from Lynsey @ wwwthepleatedpoppy.com/blog. She's so cool, that girl! I was inspired to wrap ornaments in yarn. Yea, odd.

So. Wait, why do I like to start my sentences with SO. And why am I typing as if I'm writing a college researchpaper, all grammatically correct. that's so not me.

Anyways, I was driving by Pier 1 imports, at least that's what I told my David, I parked, got off the car, turned off my cell phone and entered paradise, heaven. They had the most beautiful ornament wreaths for like $40. So, there i go again, i decided to replica pier 1's wreaths and got some inspiration from Lynsey and taddah...

The other wreath is silver with more yarn balls. That one is for my office.

So, it's really beginning to look a lot of Christmas in South Texas. It's definitely my most favorite time of the year. Getting together with family and friends is the best. Can you imagine a life without family and friends. I know someone who doesn't get along with their family and doesn't have many friends :( sadness...but hey it is what it is...and for a reason.

I will be headed North this wknd for some family time with my folks, brothers, husband, daughters and maybe even my God-daughter and her parents, Julie and George. It's going to be a blast. We will hit Fiesta TX for some entertainment then hit downtown SA for the yearly visit to the Alamo (and every year big man David wants to go in), and the big tree, SA's version of the NYC Rockefeller tree.

This Christmas will be especially hard on the big guy around here. His father is no longer with us. It will be a sad time for all of us. However, I'm glad I can be here for my big guy and I'm glad for the big broad shoulders he has so I can lean my head and hold his hand.

I will try to post tomorrow, keyword: TRY!

BIG hugs and sweet besos,


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