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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

on my mind...gingerbread

lately, what's been on my mind are the gingerbread cookies i am making to share with family and friends. i had to literally purchase everything, except for a cookie sheet, to make them. i had absolutely nothing in my pantry to make them. i even went out and bought a rolling pin. so proud of me. maybe now i can make some delicious fattening tortillas. nah forget it. after the year, it will be diet time s

o no tortillas for awhile.

sophie and I made the gingerbread dough. currently it is laying in the fridge for some chill time. come 6 o'clock we will be cutting them with our NEW, of course, gingerbread cookie cutter and decorating them. while it sits there and chills, i will be happily gift wrapping some more. geez, i think i went overboard on the gift giving. it just seems that the gift wrapping never ends...

be back in a bit,

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