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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY tuesday

The Blossom bands are so popular! All returning customers tell me that they easily lose their ties. They ask me for advice on how to keep from losing them. I'm more than happy to share how i store my BB's so that they don't get lost or misplaced. 


i simply grabbed a mason jar from my cupboard and decorated it with some burlap and a satin ribbon. i used to store my BB's in the smaller jar but as you can see the jar is too small. the mason jar is the perfect solution. there's still room for more in there, and thats a good thing because i just received a shipment with 24 new colors. i initially wanted to decorate my BB jar in a nautical theme being that nautical is the theme for my bathroom but i couldn't find anything nautical in the craft room, SHOCKING! the tiny jar on the right, now its a place for all my clips, bobby pins, and black ponytail holders for my little ladies. 

i encourage all BB lovers to do something like this for their BB's. if you need a jar let me know. i have jars up the wazoo! 

so whats up for today? 
well, more work. 
bill and guiliana.
and the real housewives of the OC. 
should be an easy day. 


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