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Thursday, April 26, 2012

every once in awhile

i think: i wish my grandma Rebecca was here to see sophie and abby and know them. i
i know: she'd hug them so tight. the kind of hugs she would give me. tight, tight, tight. i love tight hugs. shows a person you care.
i think: why are children who share genetics, grow up in the same home, & are parented the same way be so completely different! it happened with me and my brothers and now sophie & abby. the girls are so different.
i wonder: will i be lonely once my girls have gone out in to the world and once they are out there will they be ok? it's sorta a fear. you just want to hold on to them forever.

i wish: they would stay small forever. 
looking back: they were little angels as babies. they hardly cried. we never had a hard time wherever we took them. now, i take them to michaels and they want the whole store, but can you blame them. they get their love for that store from me. 

every once in a while i like to look thru their scrapbooks and photo albums. and ill sit there and cry, smile, laugh. and when the husby gets home from work i bring out all my favorite pics. 

its just them 2 forever. unless the Lord wants something else for us. but for now, these 2 are just perfect. 

the other day i was working in the shop and Abby, yellow dress, says "Mom, you make beautiful stuff." I said "you are the most beautiful thing i have ever made." She looked confused but blew me a kiss and ran off to her room. What a sweetheart! She has a heart of gold.

when i dropped them off for school this AM i couldn't help but tear up when i saw sophie grab her little sisters hand and go inside. 

they're just growing up and its happening so fast. made me realize the only way time is going to slow down is if i slow down myself. gotta work on that! 

hope you have a fab day!

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