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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


my dream...
my mom liking my FB status...
need to talk about those 2 but first...

i'm excited for WIWW because I actually snapped some pics. i had to. 

so i snapped 2! hey, 2 is better than 1, which in turn is better than no pictures. be grateful. always be grateful! 

see thru top: old navy
shorts: NY&Co
flipflops: Gap

top: old navy
capris: old navy
sandals: tory burch
ever since i got these cuties for my birthday i cannot get them off my feet. so comfy. 
already asking for another pair :)
actually they are stored in my cart on the nordstrom's website. silly me!
necklace: heaven forever 21

and naturally I'm going to find better outfits on polyvore, my new addiction. 

white and pink, so classy. need to try this combo. 

love the scarf. earrings. that's it. LOL. 
everytime i see a pretty scarf i save the pic. 

you will never see me in boots like that bc they don't go with my figure and honestly not a fan. 
love the stripes of the dress and that bag. this would also look well with TB flats. 

hoped you like this weeks edition of wiww. 

ok now back to the top 2 notes!

i had a dream i was still a school teacher. and in my dream were some of my past students. i wanted to cry when i woke up because even though the "job" was not the best the kids were so awesome and i realize how much i miss them. how i miss working in an environment like that. it was a part of my life for 5 years. when they were done with their work, or sometimes not even done, we used to dance and act and act silly! i know in some ways i inspired them. I'm so happy to keep in touch with a lot of them. thank you to Facebook for that. 

now, this is funny...
my mom likes all my FB status. whatever i post she likes. i don't know if its because she likes what i have to say or because she feels like she's my mom so she has to LIKE the status update. 
for example, 3 weeks back, on a tuesday at 1 am and after several glasses of vino with a pal i posted a line from a DMX song. "stop, drop, shut em down open up shop..." ok. well the next day my mom likes the status. i know she doesn't know who DMX is much less has heard the song. i wonder if she thought i was on a drug or drunk when i posted that. 

now (also funny), 
Confession: every time Sel hears "Baby Got Back" she dances & acts like Miss Thing ;)
i posted this several days ago and guess who liked, MOM! does she even know "Baby Got Back"?
Im thinking thats a big NO. my mom is a 70's and tejano lady. Last summer she was singing an Usher song and she got the words all wrong. The little ladies and I had to correct her. 

So, is my mom hitting the LIKE button because she's my mom and feels like she has to LIKE or does she know who DMX and Vanilla Ice are? I'm just gonna have to ask her. 
I'll let you know what she says. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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