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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


i think ill change the name of this weekly post to "just wednesday" or "wednesday" or "wiwtw, what i want to wear". 

i havent snapped pics in a while. life is crazy busy right now. but i really like the whole idea behind this weekly post so I'm going to try my best to snap more pics. 

what i really should do is get off polyvore and grab my camera.

surprise i spent some time on polyvore and these are the pretty outfits i discovered. 

love the chunky necklace. going to try this outfit this weekend. except for the shoes, not a fan.

love green. shoes, blah. 

the clutch is so cute. blouse, angelic. 

white and blue! cute bag & earrings. 

went to old navy yesterday and i got myself this pretty blouse. with some coral jeans to match. 
bright colored jeans are so popular right now. I'm gonna try this trend. I'm definitely taking a pic when i put this ensemble together. 

color, color, color! everyone says they love color but they don't wear it. if you really loved color you would wear it. at least i think you should. pops of color, here and there. could be your necklace, your shoes, or your earrings. just a tip!

thank you for stopping by!
have a happy hump day!


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