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Monday, April 30, 2012

hello monday

hello to a new day, a new week! it's almost MAY. may is a big month in our family :)

hello to a fully loaded work week! Monday-FRIDAY! Yes, SeL is working on a friday. I'm kinda tired of falling asleep late. I'd like to be in bed by 9, not 10-11.

hello to my dirty laundry. it's that time of the month again. my laundry time! sometimes i really and truly consider just buying more clothes so i don't have to do laundry. i remember the days of laundry being fun. when i only had 2 loads and both were mine. dang! and laundry, just like all the house utility bills, will NEVER END!

hello to the new Blossom Etsy shop! Slowly but surely all items will be up for sell by the end of the week.

what are you saying hello to on this last day of April?

This past wknd paper passion & Blossom at the Simply Flowers First Annual Bridal Soiree!
What a fun, pleasant experience! Lots of brides eager to get married. I don't blame them. 
Marriage is wonderful. 

Time for a work! 


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