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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


i told you i'd eventually call WIWW just "wednesday", mostly because i haven't been snapping pics.

you have gotten to know me more and more thru this post. i saw this on a friend's FB and i thought this would be wonderful for the blog, so that my readers can get to know me just a bit more. even my close friends find out a lot about me by reading this.

My computer : Apple
My water: from the kitchen. tap water. but its filtered. the husby installed a water filtration system. tastes good!
My game: Super Mario Bros. when i have time.  
My tv Show: Gilmore Girls/Friends
My Magazine: Celebrations
My Camera: Canon. Nothing fancy. It just takes pics.
My stereo: Don't own a stereo. I listen to music on my computer.
My shoes: Tory Burch. Want to buy them all.
My tie: don't wear one.
My City: New York. Only been there twice but its my favorite place to be. I must go back. Refuel the creativity tank.
My restaurant: Danny's.
My Inspiration: Dad
My artist: not much into art. My girls are pretty good artists. Abby is always drawing for me. butterflies, ladybugs, hearts...
My music: mostly 80's soft rock. movie soundtracks. country. tejano.
My team: NY Yankees, Astros, Cowboys
My font: Champagne and Limousines
My Building: The Trump Tower on 5th Avenue. Holy Moly. Its a beautiful place to be at.
My Sport: none. don't play. somewhat watch.
My drink: COFFEE
My Book: The Handmade Marketplace
My tablet: iPad
My hot sauce: Texas Pete's
My chocolate: Almond Joy & Dove Dark Choco
My fruit: mango
My app: facebook
My color: i love all colors.
My soap: Oil of Olay
My fragrance: Chanel no.5
My cereal: honey bunches of oats with almonds

My movie: The Sound of Music & Dirty Dancing

Tidbits about me. 

Now what am I working on: 

Jungle animal baby shower, baseball tags, tiny cute envelopes, modern chic baby shower! 

Getting ready for a jamaica at Laredo Medical Center! Taking 31 and Blossom for exposure. 

Yesterday was the big photo shoot for cream city magazine. Thrilled when Ferch Photography told me he would be coming to take pics. This guy is famous for his photos. Very talented man. I knew he traveled to NYC often so i asked him what takes him over there. He said he went there to escape and start fresh. He goes for fun! Got me thinking.

A while back I thought that my trip to NYC changed my life. It brought upon a different perpsecitve of life. LIFE moves so fast over there. The week I was there, I saw life going quickly. People walking fast, transportation moving fast. I came home and thought "what am I doing with my life?" being stuck in an office coordinating academia for students, is that for me? how do i benefit from this? i remember thinking and thinking. went back to work in august and was just not satisfied. what i wanted to do was create and take care of my girls and be with them when they got out of school. i wanted to pay more attention to my passion for paper crafting and help people by creating some nice invites for them.  

that trip made me realize you only live once. you need to do what you want to do. its not like you can say "oh ill do that in my next life." 

i am very fortunate to have a husby that totally understood what i was thinking and feeling at that point. i think he wants success for me more than i do. he's always thinking of ways for exposure. he even has a creative mind, coming up with creative ideas. 

anyways, back to the photo shoot. it was exciting. went really well. he loved the craft room. he loved what i did. he complimented my invites and my creativity. and i just wanted to tell him, enough about me, your photos are AMAZING works of art.

the craft room will be featured in the june/july issue of cream city magazine. thrilled. I'm surprising the staff at cream on friday with something sweet. just a little thank you. can't wait to meet them. 

thank you for stopping by! hopefully next week i can have a WIWW edition. 


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