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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


craziness around the shop. no kidding. the month i decide that a stationery shop wouldn't work in laredo and that a retail shop for paper passion wouldn't work mainly because I'm not ready, i get bombarded with orders, phone calls, emails, texts, and sit down appts. don't get me wrong, its all wonderful and its one of the reasons why i left the jungle of education but it can all be very exhausting and overwhelming. my hubby said last night, "isn't this what you wanted?" he's absolutely right. except i only have 2 hands. and the thought of hiring someone to help sounds lovely but then price would go up because i'd have to pay those extra set of hands, get me?

hold, ryan seacrest on TODAY!

ok, I'm back. i love ryan by the way. cutie!

anyways, lots of creating to keep me very busy. it's all GOOD!

now, WIWW. you think i have time to take pics? this week, not so much. and because I've been working inside the workshop I've been wearing sweats and tennis. nothing cute. but i did see some super cute stuff on polyvore!

such pretty outfits. 
need to get some work done so i can meet the BFF for lunch.
for updates and new products in the shop please check out the FB pages :)

Have a great HUMP DAY! 


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