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Thursday, April 12, 2012

my 10 favorite blogs

do you have a daily routine/schedule?
i have a routine and schedule for everyday of the week.
Monday - Friday I do the same thing over and over, never gets boring though. When I had the 40 hr job I was strict with my schedule and those of my girls'. Now that I am my own boss I was able to make a new routine/schedule, one that I could enjoy.

645am wakeup kids for showers, make lunches if necessary.
745-10am write blog post, create!
10am shower
11am back in the workshop
12 lunch
3pm pickup girls at school
4pm homework with abby
depending on what day it is my PM can be different. there's cheer, gymnastics, tomorrow teachers club.
girls must be in bed by 9pm. sometimes abby surprises us and hits the bed at 830. its always a good night when that happens.

now i usually get into bed at 10. and instead of watching the news (which is always more entertaining than informing) i grab my iPad and catch up with all the blogs i read on a daily basis. this whole blog thing, me writing a blog, didn't just come up one day. it took me a while to decide to write it. i was inspired by all the wonderful blogs i was reading at that time on a daily basis. i was familiar with blog writing because i had to keep a blog as part of an assignment for a technology class, part of my Master's courses. i had to blog about books i was reading. it was fun. and so that's how this whole blog came about. i also read that people lie to become familiar with the person from whom they purchase handmade good from. i know i do. most of the people i follow, i have purchased from in the past and i still do. I've written in the past that this blog is part of my work and it truly is. now there are people who love to yap and yap and yap and instead of seeing the positive of the blog, simply just talk about it and can't understand why i post so much about myself. i think they need a prayer or two or three and i would rather they just not read it. simply put.

now, going back to getting in bed and catching up on all my favorite blogs. i would love for you to start reading some of them too. here's a list of them.
1. www.thepleatedpoppy.com (inspiration behind the blossom bloom)
2. www.lisaleonardonline.com (its where i got my beautiful silver necklace)
3. www.thetomkatstudio.com (party inspiration)
4. www.hostessblog.com (party and hostess inspiration)
5. www.blog.amyatlas.com (my favorite party girl and queen of dessert and candy bars)
6. www.funkyvintagekitchenblog.com (i love to read her blogs about her family and she has the best WIWW)
7. www.gussysews.com (she is my inspiration to start sewing)
8. www.tatertotsandjello.com (tons of projects for the home)
9. www.todayscreativeblog.com (lots of creating going on there)
10. www.houseofsmiths.com (shelly is my favorite mom blogger. i want to meet her one day. she blogs about her home remodeling and her taste is very similar to mine.)

There you go. My favorite 10. There's about 20 more. But these, without fail, I read EVERDAY. They are bookmarked on my iPad and Mac.

I encourage you to check out some of them.

I also encourage you to have a GREAT day!

ps: new blog design coming soon. this is a generic one. the new one is so simple yet pretty.


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