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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

hello tuesday

yesterday was the start of a new week but it sure didn't feel like it. it felt like a sunday, spending the day swimming with friends. and so today is my start of a new week...

hello to a whole lot of creating inside the workshop.

hello to the overwhelming response of orders.

hello to laying low for a while.

hello to several shipments headed to the workshop this week.

hello to planning a 35th birthday celebration vacation for my husband! i'm going with him to help him celebrate, lucky me! we are undecided between San Francisco/Napa Valley or Washington DC. I know i'd enjoy Cali but i know he'd enjoy DC more. He's a history FREAK. we'll see what he decides.

hello to loving my laundry schedule. for the past couple months i've been following a schedule that I've been able to keep up with. saw the idea on a blog and thank goodness i discovered it.

what are you saying hello to on this beautiful tuesday AM.

thank you for stopping by!


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