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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


notice the extra W in WIWWW. What I WOULD Wear Wednesday. That's what it has come down to. BOO!

i love to get on Polyvore and just put stuff together or browse the other users and see how they match outfits together. and then you save it under your profile. i just wish my polyvore closet really existed.

if i was super rich i would have worn these outfits this past week. what? a girl can dream. especially about clothes.

love at first sight with that scarf. $95, YIKES. Im thinking somewhere downtown they'll have something similar. And that bag, yea its like $2000. But the tank is like $20. 

anything Tory Burch, SeL loves! remember that friends, when trying to choose a birthday present for me ;)

blue and coral! nice combo. i shall try soon. Love the blouse. 

now, i know you can't wear the new 31 catalog but wouldn't you like to live in this craft room. i would. so organized. which is clearly a sign that no crafting gets down in there. craft rooms should be messy, kinda stating like too much creativity goes on in there. and creativity can be messy. if you need a new catalog let me know! you can also browse my website, just click here!

wanted to talk a bit about a necklace that i wear close to heart and don't go a day without. even if it doesn't match my other jewelry i'll wear it. 

i get compliments on it and most want to know where i got it. 
i got this over at Lisa Leonard Designs
I follow her blog religiously.
She was one of the first blog i ever started reading. 
She has created this mega- business empire with her handcrafted, sterling silver designs.
I think items like this are perfect presents so i've gifted my mom and close friends with items from her line. 

This particular necklace is called the sterling-brave-love-necklace
Because I've had it for almost 2 years you can see the wear & tear. 
David, Selina, Sophia, Abigail. 
The 3 of them, I love the most. 

Browse around her shop & sign up for her newsletters, emails. 
You automatically get 15% off your first purchase if you do. 
It may seem a bit pricey but can you really put a price on an item that means so much and will last forever.
I take care of this item like if it were irreplaceable. 

i wish i could stick around and yap away but i must get to work. 

thank you for stopping by!


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