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Friday, May 25, 2012

7 years ago today

The Lord blessed us with a beautiful baby girl with lots of hair. We were excited to bring home a new baby so that Big Sister Sophie could have a sibling and someone to play with.

Abby was a chubby, chunky baby. We had lots of nicknames for her.

And today she turns 7 years old.

And I can't help but cry when I see pictures of her as a baby. She was a great baby. Only cried when she was hungry or wet. She loved to sleep. Was never fussy. She was perfection.

And she still is. My beautiful girl. With a heart of gold.

I received a text several days ago from my Comadre V. She told me that her boys are excited to come to Abby's party. And that Abby was such a sweet girl and deserves to be celebrated. She truly does.

Such a great kid.

I'm excited for her future.

I have a feeling Abby will be the daughter that will always hold my hand, stay home to take care of us.
Sophie will be out in the world bossing everyone around. She'll call and visit but only to get mad at us for not taking our meds...

I love my girls!

Happy 7th Birthday to my Abbygirl.

Asleep at her own birthday party
Relaxing in the pool with dad
Sitting by her piñata
Big sister helping little sister hit the piñata
Sitting next to her ducky piñata
Sitting next to her cake, tasting frosting for the first time
5 months, Baptism Lunch relaxing in her crib

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Have a relaxing and FUN-filled weekend,

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