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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

new camera!

she's here! sitting right next to me. i wanted to sleep next to her. my new baby.

hubby was very generous yesterday and agreed to buy me a new camera.

part of my job includes taking pictures of all my product. it just comes with the job. i create it, snap it, then post it online for everyone to see. it's how i get work, mostly.

things are really serious around here. a new camera, an expensive tool, is one of the many investments for paper passion & blossom.

here are some pics, unedited.

ball of shabby chic flowers! much easier for customers to choose from.

hubby took this pic of me. i was watching a DVD on the basics of the camera. 

new blossom hair ties, now with crystal beads


abby wearing her blossom bands on her wrist

bucket full of ties!


and in a nano second, my new Canon Rebel T3i kicked my old cameras butts!

I am especially excited to use this bad baby at Sophie's cheer competitions! 
Get all those facials up close. Cannot wait for November (first competition). 
Meanwhile, I will learn how to use it. 
Learn every button. 
I will also use it for snapping pics of our summer fun. 


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