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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

right now

i am 

watching: tv is off. instead this AM i'll work and jam out to some soft 80's.  

eating: not a fan of breakfast.  

drinking: COFFEE!  and i'm down to my last k-cup which means i must go get some or i will not be a happy camper in the mornings. 

wearing: orange lounge dress. 

avoiding: nothing. well maybe hitting a local jewelry boutique for some Pandora clips. 

feeling: just grateful for everything. some sadness. nothing a few prayers can't make better. 

missing: my college girlfriends. and missing what i had been doing at this time for the past 7 years, and that is getting ready to close another school year.  

thankful: for true friends. friends that are right there to pick you up when you're feeling down. friends that will shoosh a toad away because i am terrified of them. friends that won't leave your side because they suspect sel needs companionship at that time. and friends that, even thru text messages, know what to say and make you cry because of their kind words. you all know who you are. they are my biggest supporters. but mostly, they are the FUN-est girls around. thank you Lord for such a beautiful blessing. 

weather: beautiful. especially at night. 

praying: morning and night, just like my facial cleansing routine.  

needing: not much. i've got everything i want and need. 

thinking: i'd be at the National Stationery Show in NYC if Laredo was a bit more receptive to stationery stores. 

loving: the music playlist on the blog. i haven't changed it because it can just play and play and play all day and i never get tired of it. 

wishing: that other's would find their creativity within themselves and not necessarily use my creativity and hard work for their own use/profit. flattering, though. 

now, i have work up the wahzoo! i tell myself and even post that i am no longer accepting orders for may and people ask me to create some stuff that i cannot say NO to. i've been taking pics and cannot wait to share! 

i'll be doing another Fabulous Friday giveaway so lookout for that! 

thank you for stopping by!
I've got a jam-packed day. 

oh! id like to share some news. 

little lady got co-head cheerleader. so proud of my girl. she truly deserves it. she cheers her heart out at every performance and when at home you can find her cheering, doing jumps, practicing routines...It's why i work so hard. To be able to give her and Abby what they want if it will take them places. i pray she never loses this motivation, momentum and enthusiasm for her passion. 

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