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Monday, May 28, 2012

hello monday

abby's birthday & sophie's cheer banquet! 

we had so much fun over the weekend. hate to say good-bye to fun-filled weekends like that but it's time to say good-bye and hello to a new Monday.

hello to summer countdown has begun! 4 more days of school, the girls are anxious.

hello summer-to-do-list. on the list so far, painting base boards around the house. rest. relax. play. swim.

hello laundry room. i refuse to do laundry over the weekends. on the list today, towels and sheets.

hello to seeing family and great friends this weekend at abby's party. we are definitely excited.

hello to a new camera, crossing fingers. its something I've been looking into purchasing for a long time. I've even registered for a course on how to use the camera i want. pretty crazy. hubby is taking me today.

hello to new colors of blossom bands that are making their way to the shop. bright, bright colors!

Hello MONDAY! It's going to be an incredible week, are you ready?!


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