Fabulous Friday Sugarcoat giveaway

Friday, May 4, 2012

instafriday & fabulous friday giveaway

instafriday, i've missed you. its been so long. 

Simply Flowers Bridal Soiree! 
It was fun. Beautiful flowers for brides. 
Makes me want to get married again! To the same man, of course :) 

immediately that event was over i had to treat myself to some vino, poolside. 

sophie! i had to take a picture of my girl as soon as i picked her up from school. her teacher called that day telling me she got accepted into the GT program. honestly, i don't know where she gets this intrinsic motivation to be the best. if you knew me when i was little i was the complete opposite of sophie. and from what i hear her dad was too. so who knows where she gets the intelligence. however, i will brag and say she gets her creativity & enthusiasm from her mom. and from her dad she gets her love of adventure and risk taking. this little girl will get on those big coasters and scary rides at theme parks. she's not afraid. the fact that she's not afraid of anything, except the dark, scares me a bit, but because of that quality i know she won't be afraid to take big steps and make good choices. 

now my abby. she's a struggler. and that's alright. but remember her heart of gold? this AM i woke up not feeling too well. she asked what was wrong and i told her. can you believe she offered to stay home from school and take care of me? yup, a heart of gold but very smart when it comes to getting out of going to school. totally her MOTHER! 

now! i'm going to start a weekly series, along with instafriday, Fabulous Friday Giveaway. I love Friday's, don't you! 

Rules: Every Friday, in the blog post, I will ask you to do something. 
For example, TODAY the first person to post on the Blossom wall what their favorite Blossom product is will win a 5 piece set of Blossom Bands (winner chooses colors)! 
Winner must claim (meaning pickup) their product ASAP. 
How easy is that? Easy peezy! 
The giveaways will be different every week. 

Now, what are you waiting for? Go! Post! Hurry :) 

Have a fabulous weekend!

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