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Monday, June 18, 2012

hello Monday

the weeks seem to be just flying by. time does go by fast when you're having fun and/or enjoy your job. 

another hello to Monday. 

hello to the guy who woke me up this morning. and it wasn't my husband. it was the car wash guy. he's here to wash the car. don't get any ideas. 

hello to a clean car. this guy leaves it sparkling clean. 

hello to my new business accounting program that almost made me cry the other night. i HATE math. but i must use it. eventually, i will learn it. 

hello to the little ladies who won't wake up early. I've tried to get them out of bed by 8am and i fail. they love to sleep. 

hello clean laundry room. and no laundry for a week. feels good. 

hello to a relaxing week at home. sophie has cheer one practice this week. other than that, home all week. i love it. 

hello to lots of work. not complaining. except when my hands start to hurt. and my brain all of a sudden just stops working. then, i complain. 

hello to the San Diego countdown. excited! i plan to blog on my trip. that's the plan. 

hello Monday!

so, what are you saying hello to on this HOT summer Monday?

peace & blessings, 

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