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Monday, June 4, 2012

hello monday

hello to the first monday of summer!

hello to being able to keep my girls entertained while i work.

hello to keeping orders to a minimum because summer has and will always be about my little ladies.

hello to new BRIGHT Blossom Hair Ties!

hello to a successful birthday party we hosted this weekend. too much fun. too many gifts. the birthday girl had a BLAST! her last "family" style birthday party.
from now on, girls only, THANK GOODNESS!

hello to making final preparations for my BFF's baby shower. excited!

hello laundry but i'll get to you later. 

hello Real Housewives of New York City! The new season premieres today and I'm thrilled. I'm going to miss it because Ill be out celebrating my BFF's birthday but it will get DVR'd. NYC is my favorite city so naturally this show is one of my favorites! 

so, what are you saying hello to on this gorgeous Monday AM?

Have a great week!

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