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Friday, June 15, 2012

nautical birthday party

i love the beach, so naturally i love anything and everything nautical. i would love to move somewhere near a beach, with sailboats and good seafood. i could eat seafood everyday.

i still ask myself everyday, "why do i live in laredo?"

so, for my daughter's birthday party i decided to do a nautical preppy theme. she happily agreed. colors were hot pink and navy blue. however, finding party supplies in navy blue can be tough.

The birthday hours before her party and she was already wearing her swimsuit!

Cupcake/cake table!

2 jumbo cupcakes, one for each of my little ladies!
I always put a baby pic of the birthday girl. 

Super delicious cupcakes!

paper passion will soon be carrying jumbo balloons, just like the bug blue one!

paper fans for guests who didn't get in the pool. 

the birthday girl!

line for the ice cream sundae bar!

Me and the hubby!

Front door entrance!

Planning this party was fun and a lot of work. 

Nothing beats fun memories at home.

This was her last "big" party. 
Ages 8 and up, just her and her little girl friends. 

My baby girl, is just growing and growing. 
I am loving the little lady she is becoming. 
She a sweetheart. 

So, my other little lady. Her birthday is in October and already we are planning her 10th birthday party!
10 years, a whole decade. 
Slumber party! Spa theme!
Cannot wait!

Have a great weekend!


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