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Friday, November 11, 2011


it's instafriday! i'm going to share what i've been up to all week using cell phone pics and the instagram app. here we go!

Monday was a great start to my work week. I gathered all my pretty Blossom headbands and headed out the door to drop off my beauties at a local boutique.

I've been able to lunch with my hubby & friends more than before. Tortilla chips and 2 very delicious, spicy salsa's. YUM!

I purchased my car on July 9, this pic was taken on Nov 10 and already I have over 5000 miles. Obviously I drive too much. I'm everywhere! Time for the free oil-change. THANKS, TOYOTA!

The American Flag! Very proud to be an American. Happy Veteran's Day to all those brave heroes that fought for our freedom. I thank you.

Sophie, being silly, wearing her penguin sleep mask while in the passenger's seat. Yes, the car was at a complete stop! I can already hear my mother, "Sel, no taking pics while driving"!

Abby, also being silly! My girls love penguins.

Fall wreath! Of course I made it. Foam wreath covered in yarn, added a couple of flowers, a burlap bow to hang and TADDAH!

So that was my instagram week.
I'll be traveling this wknd with my gal pals & our hubbies to watch the Dallas Cowboys get their butts kicked
kick some butt. Looking forward to a wonderful wknd with my man.
No posting on wknds! Have a great weekend!

See ya,

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