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Friday, November 18, 2011

friday love {instagram}


too much going on all at once. Sophie, my oldest, is involved in many activities/clubs/organizations at school. it takes up alot of her time and mine as well. kudos to sophie! when i was 9 my after school activity included alot of time at home riding my bike, watching TV, hanging out with my BFF. At times I feel she takes on too much, has too many responsibilities and I just want her to be the kid that I was or still am, LOL.

didn't get to take as many insta-shots as i wanted but this is what i was able to snap.
the fireplace. plenty of cool nights and chilly mornings keep this baby on for a while.
i wish we had a real fireplace though. in my next life i will have a real fireplace. my parents are so lucky to have one in their home. it's so comfy and cozy.

Sunday afternoon, Dallas Cowboys football. That's Mr. Neal McCoy singing the National Anthem. Tribute to all Veterans and to those who serve our country. My eyes got teary. Very emotional tribute.

Texas Rangers Stadium! It was a gorgeous day. I love this shot.

Coffee! The mug is cute. Looks vintage.

I hope everyone has a great wknd.
I have way too much work on my hands to rest.
It's all good.

No blogging on the weekends so I'll see you Monday for hello Monday :)

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