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Thursday, November 3, 2011

i'm back...& things i need and {heart}

well, i was never really gone. finding the time to post had just become difficult because something called LIFE got in the way. and since posting had not been a priority, i never made time. but i'm back and even more excited than ever and from now on i will be posting, maybe not everyday but at least several times a week.

and on Nov 1 I began my new life. several months back, along with my husband's blessings, i made the decision to leave my career to stay home and raise my girls and put more time into what was a hobby and now is a successful small business. and even though i may not be using my Master's in Library Science, i will say that those classes are what has helped me in technology. i did not even know what a blog was until i started with the LS classes. So in a way, i am using the knowledge i learned.

so enough with that!

i am working on several projects to keep me very busy while my girls are school. aside from paper passion projects, i have kept busy re-organizing my closet and master bathroom.

i decided to do a little collage of my current must-haves! things i need and heart...
let's take a close look!
~middle picture: hubby (mr. sanchez, sanchez, david, daddy) and our girls!
~yankee candle in autumn wreath: every year, and the only YC purchase i make all year, i purchase this great scent. currently, this scent is 25% at bed, bath and beyond! it just smells like comfort :)
~Gilmore Girls! I cannot live with this show. I watch it on a daily basis. I have to get at least one show in. Perfect mother-daughter duo. and it's funny too!
~I swear by Smashbox Cosmetics, especially their hydrating foundation. it works for my skin. and the foundation brush is just as great!
~Longchamp tote: when i traveled to NYC this past summer i noticed that a Longchamp was the "bag" to have. i mean it was all over the streets, in all colors, even in Chinatown. So of course, there goes Sel into Bloomies and there comes Sel walking out of Bloomies with her own Longchamp tote in a hunter green and Longchamp cosmetic bag in a dark purple color. The tote is awesome because its so simple to clean. You just wipe with a wet cloth. SIMPLE! And from the inside, well i just put a bunch of stuff in it. Books, planners, my overflowing cosmetic bag...!
~momAgenda:because i like to be organized with style. it's rather messy from the inside but there's plenty of space to write notes (i'm a big note-taker). i see something, it can be a plant and i simply jot down that i want to plant one in my garden. or i think of an idea while driving so i take it out of the Longhchamp and jot it down. kinda pricey but well worth it!
~Celazome moisturizer:pic is blurry but i CANNOT live without Celazome. i get mine at Target at the pharmacy. it's a facial moisturizer with SPF30. i refuse to let the sun age me especially my face so i do what i need to do to prevent it :)
~Chanel lipstick in MYTHIC! First, i love this product because it doesn't dry my lips like MAC does. Second, the color is just perfect for everyday wear. Yea, it hurts my wallet a bit but again, so worth it!
~Smashbox Primer:Sometimes i put this on by itself and it just maked my skin so soft. But usually I put this then top it with their hydrating foundation for a flawless look. Really, they should pay me for advertising it!
~Matrix Sleek: I've been using it for over 5 years. it works. no more dry, brittle hair :)
~OPI:because their collections are awesome! the colors just work with the seasons. i usually go for the light pinks and nudes but during the holidays i go bold with either red or burgundy!
~Keurig-OKAY, i dont actually own of these but i love it. it's on my christmas list, along with a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer! I just love coffee and i know this brews excellent tasting coffee.
~PURPOSE facial cleanser! Why this brand? Because its inexpensive and does its job. And every year it lands on Allure's Best Products List!

there you go! tmrw i will post my must-haves in my craft room! This may be a bigger collage.

Toodles and make it a great day!

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