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Friday, November 4, 2011

thing i need & {heart} ~ craft room edition

i've been wanting to do this post for a while now. only because often people ask me for advice on tools to use for their paper crafting. here's a peek at the wonderful tools i use for inspiration and creativity. believe me, it's not all up there. at times, i have to go thru all my paper crafting magazines.

i'll start with my favorite print that's hanging on my inspiration wall. a wall that has been dedicated to prints. i'll post a pic of that next week.
~she believed she could, so she did~ i absolutely love this. i own it in red.
i'll continue with the upper left corner!
~canon printer~ its alright. it does its job. the ink is constantly being refilled but i believe that has to do with all the printing i do. it was a gift from my hubby.
~fiskars fabric scissors~ you only see the middle of the scissors. best scissors ever! i only use them for fabric.
~zebra print glue gun~ i own many glue guns but this is my favorite because of it's print. it just makes it that much more fun to use.
~martha stewart scoring board~ i use it obviously to score paper and make envelopes with patterned paper. it's FUN to use :)
~EK paper punch~ i have several, including this one, but i've tried other brand and nothing works as good as an EK Success. Hobby Lobby carries them but their selection is minimal. I shop for them at eksuccess.com, especially when they offer free shipping.
~XACTO retractable knife~ in pink of course! it's a craft knife and it's wonderful.
~Sizzix Big Shot~ one of my 3 Sizzix machines. I use the original red Sizzix machine more than the other 2. The red machine was a gift from my mom about 5 years ago. I purchase almost all my Sizzix dies thru their website. The local craft stores just don't carry a good variety.
~Craft room workstation~ my hubby has been informed that I need this table and he will start working on it very soon. So I don't actually own this yet but once it's ready I will post pics. Currently, I work on 3 foldable table that are up against the walls. Not very fun. I need a BIG space and I know this will work!
~Martha Stewart Circle Cutter~ I just purchased this great tool several weeks back and immediately I thought, how did i ever live without this! A great tool to have. Martha and her crafters are so bright.
~Martha Stewart self-healing mat~ i use this to work on esecially when i use my glue gun and Xacto knife.
~The Craft Collection adhesive~ super easy to use and the adhesive is permanent, keeps my paper crafts stuck to each other FOREVER!
~Cricut Expression 2~ my 4th, yes 4th cricut machine. The other 3 are long gone, but only because there's no space, so this baby is the only one in the craft room. this machine is genius. i've used it everyday this week. every craft room needs this! i'm also currently looking into the Silhouette machine. i've heard its better than Cricut. OMG, better? I'll have to do my research.
~Cutter Bee scissors~ scissors with sharp bent-tips. they're so precise for those really precise projects that regular scissors just won't do.
~XACTO paper trimmer~ awesome tool. cuts several sheets of cardstock at once. it's fun or at least i make it FUN!
~Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Magazine~ the pic came out too small. But that's what it is. When this comes in the mail, i literally skip into the house to start reading. filled with inspiration and lots of ideas for all seasons.
~Epson r1900~ my dream printer! it's #1 on my "things to buy list". crossing fingers i will be able to find it on sale on black friday!
~Dell Inspiron 530S~ so this was a present from my hubby after i had started online classes and needed a dependable computer that wouldn't crash everytime i tried to get online. it works absolutely great. however, i did mention i NEED a laptop and he said "put it on your things to buy list". it's gonna be on the list for a while because this Dell is working just fine and dandy.
~Adobe CS5~ a huge investment and i'm currently taking an online class on how to fully use this because it did cost me a very shiny penny. i put this on my "things to buy" list and it took over a year to get it. if only i had majored in graphic design in college and not on psychology.

ahhh, so there they are! it was a bit long. this took 2 jumbo size coffee mugs. i'm ready to start my day!

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