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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

not a big sports fan...

but i do love attending sports games! it may be the delicious stadium food or it could be because that's how i enjoy spending time with my hubby.

yesterday I was not able to post "hello monday" :( I was recuperating from a long weekend of fun with friends! We spent the weekend in Arlington, TX at a Dallas Cowboys football game. And they won! Yea, we couldn't believe it either. We were their lucky charms!
BIG, beautiful Cowboys Stadium! The food was delicious. I figured I would be invisible to the hubby, afterall he was in heaven, but he managed to squeeze in some kisses on my cheek a couple times. Awe, he's so sweet.
Me and my girlfriends! The 3 of us together=lots of laughs, shopping & eating. We managed to get some shopping time. The boys shopped at the tool store and we shopped for snacks and clothes! They're FUN chicas.
That's us again. Waiting outside PFChangs! Can you believe we waited over an hour to eat there. But it was so worth the wait. Sweet & Sour chicken, my new favorite from there. We were so full but we still managed to have some vino afterwards :)
So, back to me NOT being a sports fan.
This has got to be my worst picture EVER. This was at a Yankees Game, at Yankee Stadium. I know, who sleeps at Yankee Stadium? ME! I believe I had just had a hot dog and it was our last night in the city so I was extremely tired. But Sel went and the hubby had a good time.
And here we are at Minute Maid Park! Houston Astros! I was not sleepy at this game. We go every summer to an Astros game. They're FUN!

And there we are. Sel, not a sports fan but a fan of going to pretty stadiums and eating some yummy stadium, ballpark food :)Oh, and I can't forgot all the eye candy! Let's see where the car takes us next. I have a feeling it will be to a TX Rangers game.


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