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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what i wore wednesday!


once again, another wednesday has arrived. boy, does time travel fast. especially when you're busy! i'm linking up with lindsay, over at The Pleated Poppy. in an effort to get me out of my jammies and super comfy robe, i've been participating in WIWW. basically what happens is i get dressed everyday and take a pic of myself. no one wants to look horible in pics so i try my best to get put together and look decent. no made up hair or makeup, i simply pull my hair back and dust on some bronzer, gloss and mascara. and YES, i was bad once again. not that many pics...boooo! so at this point i wont make any more promises. here we go!
top: old navy
jeans: old navy
shoes: nike shox 
basic work, errands!
home all day, work!
top: old navy
jeans: old navy
shoes: TOMS 
top: Under Armour Texas A&M
bottom: Nike running shorts
shoes: Nike FreeRun
I dress like this for motivation. Sometimes I think, "well i'm already dressed for it, might as well work out". However, that didn't happen that day. TOO. MUCH. WORK!
top: old navy
bottom: Gap torn jeans. Posted about these before!
shoes: Gianni Binni, Dillards 
scarf: Gap
shoes: Gap, worn below
Currently, on the hunt for a pair from Steve Madden that apparently no one has. They're tiger print, lots of jewels...ahhhh! I really want them.  
jacket: don't know brand, Dillards
cami: old navy
jeans: old navy
shoes: Gap 
with the hubby at Bass Pro Shops!
top: old navy
jeans: gap
purse: LV
sunglasses: Tory Burch
necklace: my favorite from Lisa Leonard Designs. It's very special to me. It doesn't have any diamonds or other fancy stones but it has the name of my girls and my hubby and it's worn close to my heart. I want to be buried with it on.

That's it folks!
Hope you have enjoyed WIWW!

Getting things ready for a show I have this wknd at a local school. Almost done prepping, however I dont think one can ever be ready. Thank you to my hubby who made my backdrop and several other items that i will have for sale.

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