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Thursday, December 1, 2011

coffee talk...

time for some coffee talk, my other favorite type of talk. my other favorite is wine talk.

i'm on my 2nd jumbo size coffee cup this AM. a little tired. not getting enough sleep. this new "job" has me working more than i have even worked IN. MY. LIFE!

how are you feeling today? don't forget to say your prayers and take your vitamins. my daily vitamins consist of B12(did you think this energy comes naturally?), zinc because it helps with the stress acne and my immune system, keeps me from getting sick, and an Omega3 because i don't eat very healthy so this replaces my bad habit of not eating healthy foods. well enough about vitamins, kinda boring but my dad would probably say otherwise. it seems like the man has a GNC inside his home. just like people say my craft room looks like a mini-Michaels/Hobby Lobby, which by the way is a fun compliment!

emotions/feelings: this thanksgiving holiday, i was on an emotional rollercoaster. i was in heaven at my parents house. this is why:
gorgeous property where my girls have the best time. they can run outside, ride their bikes, and feed deer!
then the second its time to say goodbye i hug my mom and cry uncontrollably like a child. it still seems so unreal that they don't live near me. i haven't taken this long distance family relationship very well. its been 3 years since they've moved. i wasn't prepared for this move so when it happened it was shocking and i guess you can say im still in shock. i wish for alot of things but having them here with me is what i wish for the most. i understand they have this new life and its a beautiful life but i'm having a hard time dealing with this separation. and that's where prayer kicks in. i pray that the Lord takes care of them over there.
grateful to have David, my husband. he knows its been hard for me and has been there to ease my pain.

we are headed back to visit soon and im excited to go. gotta be strong this time when i say my good-bye's. crying like a child scared my mom. i just reassured her that life is wonderful because it is and its just hard to leave them.

3rd cup of coffee!

off to create i go! still prepping for this wknd's show. excited, nervous, scared but overall happy for this opportunity!

Good day! XOXO

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