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Monday, December 5, 2011

hello monday...

hello new day, new week!

hello to Christmas countdown.

hello to my new FB fans! paper passion is almost at 400 :)

hello to pics from this weekends event where I had a booth!

i had a really good time. i met some really nice people. got lots of compliments. thankful to everyone who stopped by and to those that helped me setup. i worked really hard prepping for this event. my next big show is scheduled this month. im really excited about this one. i have invited friends and family to come to my house for an open house viewing of my products. i will be working extra hard to prep for this wonderful event. 
i have exactly 2 weeks to prep :)

hello to this beautiful weather. i love sweaters and this is the perfect sweater weather. i hope it hangs around.

oh, say hello to my new work tool!

hello, mr. bad boy torch! pretty powerful tool. a gift from my dad. a little scared to use it. i received it on thursday, took it out of the box friday, put it back in the box right away, and its still in there. a little hesitant. i don't want to burn my hands, eyebrows, or the HOUSE!

hello to new Blossom Blooms! in the pic with Mr. Bad Boy Torch, you can see felt circles. 100% wool felt, so soft! Wear one bloom or several blooms together for a pretty fabulous accessory to add to your outfits!

i hope you all have a wonderful week!

what are you saying "hello" to today?

peace and blessings!

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