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Friday, December 2, 2011


it's time to share some cell phone pics that were taken last week and this week.


pic with Santa! And the most beautiful Santa display at Bass Pro.

telling Santa what they want! That took forever, they want EVERYTHING!

taking a shopping break at Bass! i love him! 

admiring the fish!

in line for the carousel!

la cantera mall! black friday, all gap 60% off. I HAD FUN!

sophie with her new BuildABear! DC Cheerleader!

work! paint, all over. FUN!

ooooo, aaaaaah! does this ribbon holder look store bought? YES it does but can you believe hubby made it. he's awesome. and you see all those spools on the right? yes, i need more of these fixtures to hold all my ribbon. i love ribbon!

that's it for instagram pics. overall it was a great week.

i'll be back monday! no blogging on the weekends.


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