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Friday, December 16, 2011


i've missed several weeks of insta-friday. the only excuse is that i haven't been taking enough pics with my app. i'm so busy these days, that time to actually stop and snap has become harder. i will try my best to take more pics. i did take a pic this week that represents the spirit of Christmas.
my girls got together the presents i purchased for a foster child up in austin, tx.
i explained to them what we are doing for this young boy who doesn't have a realy family but does have people that care alot, like us. they were so excited and proud of themselves. really, it's the least we can do because we are very blessed and with our blessings we like to help. i hope the young boy enjoys his presents. actually, i know he will. and that my friends is my instagram photo for the week. no other photo could have been better.

i'm getting things prepared for my open-house tomorrow. i am very excited. i actually had some early-birds come and look yesterday and they loved what they saw. YAY :)
above is the info, in case you're interested. i cannot wait for tmrw.

and this weekend, 2 date nights with my love.

feeling very blessed right now.

peace and blessins',

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